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It would be nice if raising minimum wage would solve the problem, but it doesn't. At least not on it's own. Raisung minimum wage simply forcez companies to rasie prices and lay off morenworkers to compensate. That's kind of how the whole inflation thing happens. We are making way more money tban we did 50 years ago, but we certainly aren't in better economic shape.


This would be wonderful....it's sickening having to work your ass off full time and not have much to show for it...while other people make obscene amounts of money for hitting a ball with a stick or throwing a ball to another person. Or just for being famous. Seriously. Let's switch this up.....I'm tired of working my ass off and just barely making ends meet for myself.

Bored at the Bookstore

While I agree that minimum wage is not enough, I have to look at this from two angles. I own my bookstore, and I can't afford to pay the *current* minimum wage ($8 here). In fact, if I could hire someone for, say, 16 hours a week, that person would earn more than I do! Actually, that burden, including the mandatory matching withholding, etc. would probably mean losing the business. Yes, it's that bad.

Believe me, I would love to have help, give someone a job, and actually stop working six days a week (used to be 7, but we're not open on Sundays any more). I can't. I love my work... But I can't afford it any more. Anybody want to buy a book store?

The Last Archimedean

Bored: No, but I'll take 10 hours a week without pay in return for one free book per week. I'll work around my regular job.

Andy DuFresne

In a perfect world, everybody would make a living wage, be able to afford food, lodging, good health care, and be able to enjoy life. But, unfortunately, we don't live in anything near a perfect world and raising the minimum wage won't help in the long run. The cost of everything will just keep going up sucking up any pay increases we ever get.

Bored at the Bookstore

@TLA, you're hired! I have to pay unemployment insurance anyway, just for me (in case I fire me, I guess). When would you like to start?

The only perk of this job is that you can read any book you want; just bring it back before you take the next one. And if you find one you simply must keep, the discount is _deep_.

Oh, and welcome to Massachusetts!


Raising the minimum wage would only lay off workers and raise prices because Corporations would want to make up the money they lost by paying more money to employees. This is what happens with deregulation, companies run rampant with corruption and greed.

Winston Fawkes

Corporations aren't losing a cent when wages are raised by such low amounts. A dollar today buys less than it did thirty five years ago. The main way to increase CEO pay is by laying off workers and keeping wages low. If minimum wage had kept pace with growth then it would be over twenty dollars an hour. Considering minimum wage workers barely constitute five percent of the working population, why would this suddenly cause massive layoffs and inflation? Probably because some people are stupid enough to believe the rhetoric, and others are greedy enough to take advantage of it.


I'd take that job if you weren't in a "cold" state!

I saw a chart somewhere where two people working minimum wage can't rent the average two bedroom apartment. I can believe it. I'm struggling to rent a 1 bedroom and they want me to have twice or three times the income of the apartment of I want to rent despite the fact that I've been doing just fine renting nearly 2/3 of my income. Trying to get on section 8 has been a nightmare. I *should* be on it, but I can't even put in an application until they open it up again which will be YEARS!

The Last Archimedean

What we really need to do is cap executive compensation so that there's more money for the rest of us. 100 times what the lowest-paid worker, contractor or subcontractor gets as a max.


People forget, when the minimum wage was instituted, it was designed to keep people out of poverty. Meanwhile, executive pay-scales were about 8% of their current level as a percent of net profit. Yet corporate taxes were the majority government income, not payroll and income tax, we had money to fix our roads and update power grids.


The second concept where they were talking about tying minimum wage to local prices was brilliant. They need to include limitations on part time employee percentage.

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