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Stationary Security

I'm trying to feel bad for the guy getting beaten up, but I honestly can't. We've all seen it before, this site is littered with stories of entitled people who want to slip one by us, then go completely over our heads and complain to a supervisor to get what they want, and also to get us in trouble for not risking our jobs to serve them.

I think we all can know how this guy reacted once he was caught trying to pull a fast one, and the driver had enough. There's no mention of any previous incidents, so we can assume this is the first such act the driver did. But how many of us have been at the boiling point, how long until we become this gentlemen? One more NAT? Five more?

I salute this gentleman for doing what we all wished we could do. Also yes, a suspension is mandatory, but i'd avoid the criminal charges personally.


I dont justice what the driver has done, but the NAT was no kid, he was 21 and he tries to cheat thats a fact and shouldnt be forgotten

The Last Archimedean

Kicking him off the bus for trying to beat the system, I'm perfectly OK with.

Beating the crap out of him is going a little too far, though. Unless the NAT attacked him first, physical violence was not needed.

Bored at the Bookstore

I'll go along with TLA - "Get off my bus, pal. The pass ain't gonna work," is fine. Physically tossing him off the bus and beating the daylights out of him (over -what- a buck or so?) is 'way over the line into criminal assault. After all, it wasn't as if the would-be cheater tried to rob the driver and his passengers at gunpoint; he was perpetrating a minor fraud.

As Gilbert and Sullivan wrote in "The Mikado", "Let the punishment fit the crime."


I'm going to agree with QueerDragon, TLA, and Bored At The Bookstore. Was it wrong for the guy to try to cheat the system? Yes. But the bus driver in no way was in the right. Toss him off the bus. But he doesn't get the right to inflict bodily harm on someone.
I mean, the way I see it, that's like you parking in a red zone to make a quick run in the store and a cop shooting you in the shoulder for it instead of just giving you a ticket.

NC Tony

Like TLA said, unless this kid threw the first punch the bus driver's actions were totally uncalled for. Kick him off the bus? Yes. Kick his ass? No. I mean you can't even use the "he was having a bad day" defense. Unless this kid was the direct result of him having a bad day. When I have a bad day I don't take it out on people who are not a direct result of me having said bad day. I just wish for horrible things to happen to whomever is responsible. The punishment did not fit the crime.

Sales Agent Guy

I ride with a special needs type of pass, and it has your picture on it, so they can tell if it's legit or not. What the rider did was wrong, but the driver was truly in the wrong here.


I'm very hesitant to say that the bus driver is definitely in the wrong, because the video only shows the incident in full swing. If it's as described, and the bus driver laid into this guy simply for trying to be a NAT, then, yes, he's in the wrong. However, it's not the first time I've seen a passenger try to pull some kind of scam with the driver, then actually take a swing at them when they're told to GTFO.


This is why our buses have audio and video surveillance. If the rider threw the first punch, then the driver may not be as bad a guy.

Queer Geek

I haven't seen the video and even though the 21 year old douche was trying to scam public transportation, the bus driver shouldn't have lost his cool. The smartest thing he should've done was not let the guy on and if this douche insisted, stop the bus and not drive. I've been on buses where this strategy worked and security would be called if this escalated. Now you have an assault charge which hinders possible future employment.

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