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I got an Intex pool as part of a Craigslist trade (essentially, free,) and was thinking of setting it up. What should I ask the Pool Store slaves in my area for, and how much should I expect to spend? (I have $200 in the Discretionary Wacky Antics fund this week, but if it's a choice between no pool and crummy pool, I'll use the same money to visit a waterpark.)


I feel your pain. I used to work at that mart of walls in the toy dept., and every year for pool season, I would have to deal with who would try to have me tell them how to take care of their pools. They would try tell me since we sold the stuff, I should know everything there was to know about the various chemicals. Yeah, right. A discount department store low wage slave needed to be omnipotent.

The one piece of advice I constantly gave out was the 800-number of the pool chemical company hotline, a 24/7 line that would get them the assistance of a (hopefully) expert in pool care. And that was the most ignored piece of advice given. I had a hard enough time trying to make damn sure that any customer knew exactly how big that 18' wide pool was, to make sure they didn't buy one, pull it out of the box, only to realize then that it was too big for their yard, and attempt to return it. Once those damn things got pulled out of the box, it haws nigh impossible to get it back in so it could go through the process of being purchased by the next moron.

Ugh. Horror. Nightmares resurfacing.


Wen we lived at the farm my ex said NO POOL. If we wanted to swim, we could swim in the stock tank. EW! Horse slobber! The kids just needed to meet someone with a pool. So what happened? He meets someone new after the divorce and SHE wants a pool and he sets it up under the big tree in their back yard. I SOOOO wanted to laugh in their face!

Just keeping a fish tank is a lot of work. Keeping hundreds of gallons has to be harder because it's in the sun where the algae grows like gangbusters. As soon as it rains, new bacteria, bugs and other stuff causes problems. NO THANKS!


Haha, Intex is part of the reason my Oddjob (handyman, etc services) business cards no longer list pool care.

I really do wish that Intex would print something about in GIGANTIC letters on their boxes.

Something along the lines of "hey dumbposteriors, if you want your pool to stay looking as clear as the one on the box, you'd better spend another $50-100 on chemicals."

So many of these people don't seem to realize that people with "real" pools pay more per year for chemicals than they did for their Intex.

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