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The Last Archimedean

What a crazy old bat. I hope her handlers made sure she was properly medicated before letting her loose in civilized society ever again.


Sounds to me like a NAT. "It doesn't feel right" is not ruined. Ruined is like that crinkly coat, or the pair of jeans I washed which taught me not to put chlorine bleach in with colored clothing. Got all the color out of 'em while leaving the damn stain in there.


Hmm- that policy sounds problematic for certain occasions where someone may want the ruined item back for sentimental value (after all, special occasion clothes are almost always dry-clean only, like tuxedos and wedding dresses) even if they can't wear the item ever again. Hopefully they'd make an exception in that case.

Of course, this situation the lady was Crazy, capital "C". The policy being used with her reminds me of my favorite policy at Lady and Alterations- if someone said an item was damaged, therefore they wanted an additional discount, I got to say "I'm sorry, L&A does not sell damaged items. I can sell it to you at the existing price, or I can mark it damaged and send it out with our damaged stock, but I can't sell damaged merchandise." I loved this- it was great discount rat repellent, since they lost their whole argument. Basically "Oh, I'm sorry it's damaged, let me throw it out for you... *cue panic*." :) If they were nice I could even talk them into opening a credit card to get a discount that way!


Persephone- wedding dresses are a WHOLE 'nother ballgame. Cleaning one would cost anywhere from $75-300 depending on complexity, and another $50 (I think) if they wanted it professionally boxed. They are VERY well taken care of. I never saw one get damaged while I was there (around a year), but I do imagine that if we did ruin one, it would probably be the exception to the rule.

We did somehow lose a dress, I have no idea how that could happen, and I left before it was resolved so I don't know what they did about it. I think it was one of the hotel accounts that sent it in, so it may have been misplaced somewhere between locations, but still... how in the heck do you lose a wedding dress?? If it goes in to the downtown location, it does not leave the premises until it is picked up (the exception being leather items, as our chemical will cause it to dry out and crack, so we send it off to a specialized business in a different town, but that wouldn't apply to the dress), and even with the hotel orders it goes from the hotel to the company van, to the store, to the van, back to the hotel. I really am baffled as to how it happened.

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