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I guess even for a girl who grew up in the south (in a big city, though), I was kind of sheltered.
I've only recently realized, mostly due to the Paula Deen scandal, that there is a portion of the population for whom using racial slurs is just normal and really does not occur to them that people, even who aren't of the group the slur is directed at, will find it offensive.

Bored at the Bookstore

Around here, we call crusties like that "uncustomers"! And I'd've thrown him out, too - WASP that I am.


I spent between age 2 and 10 in Cleveland, OH. At first on the edge in a rather high-end suburb, and then in some very nasty neighborhoods where I got my bell rung regularly by everybody. Name-calling can go both directions. I never used the words I'm presuming Paula Deen is accused of using except to tell a story, and even then, it's "the 'n' word". They have words for whites too, you know.


Um...yes, I know.

I wasn't saying I used it! Quite the opposite, it's been baffling for me to realize that there still are people who think it isn't a big deal to use words like that if there aren't any of 'them' around.


I wasn't saying you said it! I just think that people fail to realize that there are words for just about every population, and NONE of them are appropriate. When people stop using them (thus teaching them), then there won't be so much hate in the world.

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