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Question of clarification on Point #9: If I am purchasing clothing AND jewelry, can I be rung out at the jewelry counter for all of my items? If not... well I will politely inform you to keep the bauble, and politely but forcefully inform your home office that I will avoid their stores going forward. I understand restricting those registers to jewelry customers only, but asking/forcing me to make two transactions IS stupid (but not your fault, so I won't take it out on you).

Apple Stacker

Having worked in a jewelry department before I totally agree with these! I worked in the Jewelry department at a "bullseye" back when they actually carried fine jewelry and worked on watches. I used to get so annoyed when somebody would complain about the quality of the diamonds we had or that we only carried rings in sizes 7 and 8. News flash this is a discount store, not a department store, and I don't get to chose what sizes we carry or the quality. It also annoyed me to no end when I would tell somebody that I couldn't put a battery in their watch because we didn't carry the brand they had and they argue with me. The reason behind it was that if something were to happen to the watch I needed to be able to replace it. I would explain that and people would say "It's okay. You won't break it." or "If you knew what you were doing then you shouldn't be worried about it breaking." I was trained well and still had things happen... like backs not going back on or the crystal cracking. Then they would ask to use the tools themself and them get pissed when I said no because if they hurt themself than we were liable for it. Some people are just never happy!!


Points 1 & 2 aren't just for jewelry: ALWAYS bring in the ad. And if you print something you saw online, for the love of all that is good and discounted, don't just print the picture. Information is needed as well as the photo. If I don't know who made the item, I can't find it. period.

Finder Queen

OMG a fellow jewelry slave! Though my jewelry slavery is from hell mart I still get the same crap from people. So glad to see this list plus there's other things like what our extra warranties we sell do and don't cover. And the customers who ask for custom made items to be sent back all the time to keep it new. Or try to return a ring after losing the stones out of it. Or the stolen items from other stores we get to watch out for. Or receipt fraud. Or arguing it's "illegal" to return funds to how it was paid for (gift card back to gift card, credit to credit, ect ect). Asking for rings to be sized without papers/ tags from the ring. Demanding our stock of an item get here in two days.
Ugh so many bad things it's ridiculous to count here lol I may have to submit my own tales of hell in jewelry.


Oh I can so relate. I was a refugee fine jewelry slave from the Big Red Star! I have to tell you it sucked balls. The pay was lousy and custys were a pain the ass. They did all those things listed and supposedly we were the nicer retailer. Bullshit! The truth is all it's all the same!

You should also add. If you're going to be an ungrateful turd when your spouse, significant other, fuck buddy, sugar daddy/mommy, parent, relative, blah blah blah and decide to return the item for cash don't bitch out the slave who is simply following company policy by offering you store credit. If you don't like it, ask for cash from the giver. You obviously don't consider the fact that the gift giver agonize and thought about buying it with the poor slave for hours hoping you would like it!

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