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As a person of the Pakistani culture, I can fully admit that some people of my culture are horribly cheap. They seem to think that leaving a proper tip is optional.Not me, though. I can also say that some parents in the culture can raise some horrible children. This is pretty rare though, most cases, the kids are well enough behaved. But there is always the one exception. Man. If o were there, I'd have told that family off.


Oh gosh- that brings back memories of the tables *no one* ever wanted at my hostess job. One was a family that had notes on them about 3 inches long on the receipt printout from Open Table, ensuring low salt, booth seating, etc. They always found something wrong with their meal after they'd eaten it, and ended up getting comped about half the time. One time a young woman in this family said the perfect booth we'd set aside according to their preferences SMELLED FUNNY, and asked to be moved to a different booth. I was able to, but it screwed up the sections for the whole night. Smelled funny? Really? She claimed she'd noticed last time, but hadn't mentioned anything. So it wasn't that it smelled funny today, this lovely booth ALWAYS smelled funny to her... Aargh.


At least you were nice enough to stay. I mean, I've been that person: working retail too long has permanently etched into my mind that the word "holiday" is a synonym for "giant sale", so working those days is no issue for me. In fact, it means a slightly bigger paycheck in a crappy economy. The thing is, CAM left it up to you and Bartender, and you guys CHOSE to stay open for these people. Sure, the grandfather tipped you beyond the gratuity, but they were asshats. I say that if you ask for a table for 15 after the restaurant has closed on a holiday, and they graciously agree to seat you, your option for complaining gets checked at the door.


Christ. Someone seats a party of FUCKING FIFTEEN after closing, on a holiday? That's when you tip fucking 50%! Jesus! Hell, I always tip around 30-40% when I know I've stayed right up to around closing (like 5-10 minutes before)! And he thought he was just going to give you a 10% tip and waddle out the door? What an ass!


@Lee: With the automatic 18% on the bill, that still ends up being 28%, which I'd call pretty good.

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