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Whadda ya wanna bet that they sue the bank and, at the very least, get that poor teller fired. Seeing as they're about half attourneys and a vindictive bunch of nuggets.

Sales Agent Guy

I really hope that teller doesn't get fired. It's their own fault for fucking with the bank!

NC Tony

Spritzy: We can only hope the bank has better lawyers.


Though I snickered, I too am afraid for this teller's job. Also, don't post that to Facebook. That's what RHU is for.

R Dorothy

Ohhh... I REALLY hope that teller doesn't get in trouble as well! Posting anything work related on Facebook is never a good idea!

Also, Westboro needs to stop ranting about being so religious when they're just a hate group, plain and simple. Before my co-worker got her privacy settings the way she wanted them on Facebook she got a random message from one of them telling her they hoped her son comes home blown to bits in a body bag since he's in the military.


I think the tell is awesome, now let us all sacrifice to the mighty Thrognar to help the teller keep his/her job.


So, yeah, WBC is scummy and cutting this customer loose was in the bank's better interests. However, speaking as a former phone banker for Hells Fargo, I think the extra fees were 1) unnecessary & 2) bordering on, if not in fact, illegal. I hope the banker isn't retaliated against, but I think such a hope is unfounded.

The Last Archimedean

I don't understand why the WBC haven't all been arrested and charged as a hate group yet.


It's because they're actually a cult, not a hate group. It makes a lot more sense as to how people can be so hateful once you realize that.


TLA, it's because being a bunch of tactless bastards isn't a crime. Until such time as actual criminal offenses are committed by them as opposed to things that are merely grossly offensive, we can only continue to use them as an ongoing test case in how far free speech can extend.

NC Tony

TLA: Unfortunately they've got lawyers in the fami... cult, and they know exactly how much they can get away with without doing anything illegal. Being a fucking asshole isn't illegal (although it probably should be). So they do just enough to get smart people to hate them, but nothing that can be considered illegal. Luckily, several members of the family have realized what a shitty family they've been born into and have been leaving. In fact Fred Phelp's granddaughter now works for the gay pride house across the street from the WBC.


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