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May I submit another sub-species? The Shrew: This Discount Rat variety has incredibly sharp eyesight, like the common nocturnal shrew, and can spot the tiniest flaw in the merchandise even in pitch-darkness if necessary. Their high-pitched cry is "Look, there's a (tear, loose thread, spot) on this! Can I get an eeextra deeeescount? *squeak*"

Favorite repellent: "Oh, I'm so sorry, let me get rid of that for you! We couldn't possibly sell you damaged merchandise! We need to uphold our reoputation for quality! No, no, I'm so sorry, I'll put that with our damaged goods in back..."

Book Diver

An alternate behavior of the Tag Togglers is to just take off the price sticker completely and hope that the slaves get the price wrong. I had a guy at my old bookstore who had the darnest luck, whenever he came in for an expensive lawbook, the tags were always missing! (And these books were always over fifty dollars.) So I'd have to bring the book to my coworkers to be repriced when ringing him up. Then, I had an idea. Our nostalgia books had the prices penciled in to protect the delicate covers, and I suggested penciling in the prices in expensive books as a backup. This became policy, and the guy stopped coming in. (They have a different system now, but it worked at the time.)


You know you're in for trouble when the Discount rat uses the phrase "honor the price". I cringe at that phrase. Sometimes, the pricing is wrong, and it's our fault. Sometimes, the fault was not with us. But either way, when they utter that phrase, you know you're in for a nasty fight.

The Last Archimedean

I don't mind the arguing. I normally just let words roll off me like water off a duck.

It's when they get physically violent when told "no" that we have a problem:



I do get irritated when something was listed at one price and is actually being sold at another (there was a table labeled at $40 that wound up ringing up for $110! and the damn lady wanted me to restock it across the store myself when I said I wasn't going to buy it... I had a hard enough time getting it from one side of the store to the other the first time with narry a single employee to assist), but other than some irritation, it normally just comes to "I just won't buy it then." I can't really demand that they take a loss just because SOMEONE along in the process is a moron.

NC Tony

I submitted a story awhile back (I think Freeman used it in the "Discount Hell" e-book about a woman who switched around price signs on bedding trying to get it for a lower price. I'd like to see someone try that now, now that we've moved to e-signs which are attached to the shelves with brackets (and sometimes hard to remove, even for us slaves!) and the signs change price automatically now when a sale begins/ends, or can only be changed (when the items on the shelf change) with an RF gun.

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