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Pirate Mouse

I am curious as I have never been in the store / company before, but do they have security cameras anywhere? I would of called for the manager or direct supervisor. ( Which, I still would call back to ask them to review their security tapes )

Personally, you did the right thing. But that's just me.


I don't really think getting in her face would HELP, but I probably would have done it anyway... Either way, I think you should contact the supervisor and demand they review the security tapes. Use the word "lawyer" if you have to... I find it always works when someone gives you the "eeeeeeeeeh I don't feeeeel like it I'm too laaaaazy" bullshit (then again, I'm not bluffing). Even if you have absoluuuutely nothing to sue them over it will at least make them give minimum effort.


Is this a repeat post?


@SoggyApron I don't think so, there were some very similar posts a several months ago but not this exact story I don't think.

OP you did the best you could and despite you best intentions these idiots cost themselves a sale.


Now you know the phrase 'no good deed goes unpunished'. I suspect that's why the last person to see them like that left them there, and the next time so might you.



This is why I leave things the way I found them. Even though it gives me an eye twitch and itchy palms. I rather leave things the way they are so I don't get in trouble for being a decent human being, AGAIN!!


You should neither have gotten in her face nor taken it up the ass. In any first world country in order to enforce a "you break it you bought it" policy, there must be sufficient evidence to take you to civil or small claims court AND win. What you should do is contact the store manager & corporate to explain, politely but forcefully, the inexcusable behavior of the cashier and SLANDEROUS accusations she made.


PS - You had me at (36-30-34). *soft whistle*



call sometime soon, and ask to speak to a manager. they'll be able to tell who was working the till based on the time the incident occurred. encourage the manager to review the tapes.

the main thing here is that the cashier might have been OK questioning if you had ripped them, but she shouldn't have kept pressing and accusing. a simple review of the security tape would have proven that you simply checked out the pants, and realized they were ripped.

chances are good that you're definitely not the first person this cashier has snapped on or mouthed-off to.


Wow- that's awful. I actually bring damaged stuff I happen across to the salespeople all the time (at a similar cheap clothing store). I'd hate to think any of them would assume I did it myself. It doesn't even make sense- if I ripped them, I would just walk away, not bring it to their attention. It's not like they would have any way of tracing it back to me or tracking me down later if they even bothered to try. I also would complain to the mall security office that they threw you out when you'd done nothing wrong and they didn't even question the clerk or try to verify anything at all. I know they're not detectives, but summarily ejecting you with no cause but that someone is yelling at you? Wow.


(not that I, personally, would ever do such a thing, but if I were that kind of person, I wouldn't be so stupid as to flaunt my crime)


I think this is a repeat, but I'll give my opinion even so.

I agree that getting in her face would not have helped, but I probably would have done it anyway.
I know bad, bad me but I almost feel it'd be worth getting kicked out to give her a piece of my mind.
She isn't an innocent retail slave, she deserves to have to handle me in crusty mode if she's going to accuse me of damaging merchandise with no evidence.

Duke of URL

"If I had ripped it myself, I would either have hidden it or admitted it." That's what I would have said.

NC Tony

I would have said "Do you really think I'm stupid enough to damage merchandise and then claim I found it like that?" If she still insisted that I damaged them I'd call for her manager. I would also go over segway cop's head to his superiors. In the long run it might not do anything (especially if their superiors have the same dumbass attitudes), but it MIGHT make them think before they accuse someone without proof. Someone who might either follow through with a lawsuit, or even worse get physically violent.


I have a rule; if I break it I take it if I found it I leave it (I know it doesn't rhyme)
Tried to buy milk the other day and it ripped open as I yanked it out, so I took it to the employee and admitted it ripped while I was getting it and bought a non-ripped bag (ripped milk is no fun).
Found a stained shirt whilst shopping and enjoying an Ice Capp, left it there because I knew if I brought it to anyone's attention they would have blamed me for staining it (simply for having an Ice Capp in my hand).

Thing is, you always feel the need to let an employee know of things, but you have no idea if the employee is a bitch or not. So play it safe :D


The funny thing is that just today, as I was entering the mall over here, I noticed a "Malls rule" sign at the entrance I hadn't noticed before (although I doubt it's new), full of the standard "No shirt, no shoes/no rollerblading" stuff. But what rather surprised me was the last one: If mall security has to come and deal with you, then after the THIRD TIME you will be escorted from the mall. Not even banned!!

Wow. I mean, I know we Canadians are pretty laid back, but damn. You make so much of a fuss that security has to be called, and then you get to do it twice more before you're kicked out?!


And yeah, OP, make them review the security footage. But if you're going to do that, go back as soon as you can; I've worked for places that just use the same tape over and over, so if nothing has been reported by the end of the day, it's taped over on the next day.

At that place, it kind of bit us on the ass because a customer came in a few days later to complain (lying through her teeth about what actually happened, of course) and the security footage that would have exonerated the guys on the shift (who of course weren't there when she came in again since she came in on a different shift) had already been taped over.

At that point the boss got seven tapes, one for each day of the week, so we'd have a whole week before something would get taped over. Which was closing the barn door a little late in that case, but which was a better idea than taping over it next shift.

Depending on if they're recording it digitally or on old VHS tapes still, you may have a pretty small window before any security footage evidence is basically destroyed.

I totally think you did the right thing to stand up for yourself. It's one thing to make unreasonable demands and get all het up over nothing; but it's quite another to be told to cover someone else's damage when you were simply trying to bring a problem to their attention. Go back, give 'em hell, and make both the cashier apologize and the security guy, too. He should at least have heard both sides before he pitched you on your ear, unless you were raving to the point that he thought people were in immediate danger, at which point the police should be brought in anyways.

So it's all bullshit anyways, and they should be made to realize that. Sheesh.

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