Retail Hell Underground: San Antonio McDonald's Manager Post's Worker's Doctor Note On Employee Bulletin Board

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Duke of URL

Wouldn't that also fall under HIPAA? Or does that only apply to places that deal with medical information in the course of business (such as Wal-Mart since they have a pharmacy)?


I normally don't advocate this, but Anna, sue the shit out of 'em!

Cat wrangler

Oo my mind boggles. I work in the health field and that is a BIG NO NO. Why in the world would you post someone's private health info o. A public board? It had to be on purpose with intent to shame/guilt/hurt the employee. Not ok. Even if it is not covered by HIPPA it's still not right.


It's no doubt covered under the general employment contract. I think she should definitely sue the fuck out of them.


Seriously, I'm glad she's suing- you need written permission to disclose medical information- I mean, I need to fill out a form with each of two doctors I see to allow them to talk to the other doctor about me- posting info publicly like this is so far outside that standard that it's ridiculous! The only issue here is which of the many, many laws making this illegal apply here. Here's your payday, lawyers! Get to work!


I'm baffled as to why her manager would do this. What purpose does it serve to post her personal medical conditions for everyone to see?


Obviously he just did it to humiliate and trash her. Sue the ever living fuck out of them! They deserve it!

Not Perfect

I think McDonald's should seriously consider whether they want to keep this manager. Even if she did nothing illegal, it's obviously an attempt to humiliate her employee.

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