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The Last Archimedean

*shakes head*

Do people not use brains anymore?

How on earth do people get to be adults and not know how a library works?

The Singing Library Clerk

Very easily, TLA.

Honestly, you'll never meet dumber people than many library patrons. I've met people so stupid that they would make Richard Dawkins stop believing in evolution. And some of them work for the library system. (Though to be fair they got the jobs because they had parents already working for the library.)

There's been many times when I've dealt with people so stupid it's all I can do not to grab them and scream "HOW DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER HOW TO BREATH?!" They make Snooki look like Albert Einstein.

As a kid I couldn't move up a grade without knowing how to use the dewey system. I've had people who I know I went to school with who come in and say "I've never been in a library. How do I find books?" Um, yes you have, Brandon/Ashley/Starla/whomever, we were in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade together. We had feild trips to the big public library. We even knew how to use the card catalogue back before it was computerized.

Space Cadet, I feel for you. At least you're not there anymore.


"how can people be this dumb and survive?"

Easy. We live in a society that caters to the lowest common denominator, regardless of competency level.

We could really go for a nice Darwin style elimination... I'm not saying we should kill all the stupid people, but we could remove safety labels and warnings from everything and let nature sort it out.

The Singing Library Clerk

Won't work, Net. God had a twisted sense of humor. Otherwise the dumb gene would've died out a long time ago as all the dumb people would've died Jackass style deaths.


No, it might work, if we quit trying to use the brainpower of those smart enough to know better to warn those who would do it anyway not to do something.

NC Tony

I'm often reminded of the TV show "Sliders". If you've never seen it, the basic premise was the main characters "slid" via wormholes to parallel Earths. Same year, different reality. I'd like to think that if there really are parallel dimensions out there that there's one where no one is rock-stupid, customers treat retail workers with respect, the corporations aren't greedy assholes who also treat their workers with respect. As close to a perfect world as you could get.

And I vow if I ever find it, I will bring all my family and friends to it while letting this world go to shit.


Net: That will never happen until the litigation lawyers go away. Come on World War Z!

Tony: I remember Sliders! If yo like, I will help you look : - )

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