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NC Tony

Wow, that's beyond creepy. The fact that she's only 16 years old makes it that much creepier.

The Last Archimedean

Tony, to be fair to them, they had no way of knowing until Smart told them that she was underage.

But even if BBN had been 18 or older it's still pretty creepy. The wife in particular seemed *very* interested in her.


@TLA to be fairer to them, this would be ten kinds of wrong even if she were fifty. Sexual harassment of the employees who have to deal with you is always fucked up...

Hope she got a break after that!

The Last Archimedean

I completely agree, unsympathetic. But it would be 100 times as wrong if they *knew* she was underage and hit on her anyway. Sexual harassment of an employee is never right, but sexual harassment of an employee you know is underage borders on pedophilia.

She didn't get a *break* but she was shifted to the back room to do inventory, where she wouldn't have to interact with any customers the rest of her shift.

Retired from Hell

Um, a PREposition is a word indicating direction or placement, such as 'to' 'from' 'at' 'for' 'against' or 'with' -- to name a few. The word you wanted was PROposition -- a proposal or suggestion.

Hellbound Alleee

"I'm going to preposition you."

"Will that be under, over, in, out, or all of them?"


Barf! I thought my tendency to get hit on my geriatrics was creepy, but at least I've never had to deal with a couple.

Sales Agent Guy

That manager was awesome!


Oh good gravy I know how that feels.....and it sucked more because I always looked older than what I was back then.

Sick people, there is no reason to harass someone and then blame their looks for it!


"Sick people, there is no reason to harass someone and then blame their looks for it!" Exactly! Like X 1000!

You're an adult, exercise some freaking self-control and basic respect! It's like saying- oh, I guess I shouldn't have taken those diamond earrings without paying, but they're so pretty! The store should know better than to have things I want on display! (not equating, just outlining the derp derp thought process)



The Last Archimedean

My question is, how often have this couple been successful at talking a [hopefully 18+ y.o] retail slave into going back home with them? It certainly didn't seem like this was the first time they've tried this.

Hopefully they won't be back in my little patch of retail hell anytime soon...


Gross. I know quite a few polyamorous couples, but they're very respectful of boundaries. These people are straight-up creep-tastic.


If they had just asked the one time it would have been okay since(I hope) they didn't know her age, but to continue pushing that crosses the line.

I know a couple that uses the blues dancing scene to try to pick up young girls, though they generally aim at 18 year olds. I could care less about consenting adults but don't sully something beautiful damn it.

Jason Thorn

If it was me, I'd ask if I was being punk'd...


TLA says she has a cute face....most of the coworkers I have who have cute faces look very young. It's part of the cute face look. So no matter what they thought they knew, she probably looked like a mid-range teenager and a middle-aged couple had no business inviting her to come over for sex.

I find that asking retail workers out over the counter is always skeezy, but worse when there are high school students involved. I was invited to an orgy when I was fourteen (I worked for family) and the man assumed I was over 21 because I 'wasn't dressed like a kid'. Jeans were forbidden and I was supposed to wear dresses or skirts and blouses to work, to look professional. No loose hair either.

These days I defend my own teenage coworkers from perverts like that. There's no gentle way to do it, but I find speaking loudly is the fastest way to make them skedaddle. Nothing like the risk of being caught soliciting a minor to make a perv beat feet.


Ick. Been there, and the creepy older customers asking me to do weird things reached it's zenith when I lost a lot of weight and looked very under-aged. The things people think to ask, ugh.


When I read this I substituted the names James and Heather for the couple.

I'm kind of curious to know if I was right. XD

The Last Archimedean

Nomnom, no, those weren't their names.

I'm curious now, where did you come up with "James" and "Heather"?


Oddly, at the flea market, my friend and I noticed that the lower cut the top, the more sales we'd have at the booth. Once, I wore my Halloween outfit (a gown that has since been better modded) and made $144!

And most sales were from men.

I never had the creeps so much, but I know one dad said if I had not had a boyfriend, he would have introduced his sons to me. My mom joked after I told her this "Hey! I need resumes from those boys!"


@TLA - Idk they just came to me. It was easier for me to read if I made up names to insert (even though there's totally only two places where the names appear in the conversation and therefore it shouldn't be hard to understand).

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