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Rainbow Sherbet

The people who should get the tips are the ones who make the drinks. Management is compensated enough.


I'm actually pretty pissed that even the shift managers get the tips. I'm leaving those tips for BARISTAS, people, not for the friggin management! They already get paid more than the people doing the actual work. I rarely see shift managers at coffee shops making drinks, unlike in some restaurants. Why should they be tipped?


My solution: AMs can have tips, but only if they get paid the same as the baristas.
Unless I screwed up the math somewhere, if they work 40 hours per week, they make about $16 per hour on average. $33k/year isn't exactly gonna make them rich, but they certainly have more money to work with than the baristas do. I don't think they need to be taking tips from people who make half what they do, especially when its the baristas who are representing the company and convincing people that service is awesome enough to deserve a tip anyways.


"Tips are supposed to bring scanty wages up to a reasonable level, not boost salaries."
I agree. The tip system in this country is already effed up enough, with employers deliberately paying shit wages, claiming that those people will make it up in tips, which means that if the custy doesn't tip, then the custy is a jackass, and the service person is slightly screwed. From what I've seen, they don't give out salaried positions unless the per hour break-down is a nicer one than the lowly wage-earners. (Sometimes it works out badly, with the higher-ups claiming that salaried people should a million hours a week, but that's a different discussion.)If Starschmucks leaves the system as-is, with the baristas getting the money. If the shift managers ARE doing the same job (plus extras), okay. But when people drop money into that tip jar, they expect it to go to the people who are actually waiting on them and making their drinks. When you switch to a salaried position, you forego tips. The end.


Meanwhile, Lee, at the Starbucks locations around here, shift managers tend to be the only person serving the complicated drinks. The baristas here are typically the ones on cash, grabbing pastries, washing things, stocking, and/or grabbing the drip coffees. As such, I think that HOURLY employees (baristas and shift managers alike) are perfectly entitled to the tips but the SALARIED guys are not, except if and when they can conclusively prove they were working with the general public for 8 hours. Then on that day, and that day only, they can receive an equal share of the tips.

deli slice

Agree with Kitai. I noticed that in the article, it said that baristas and shift managers are hourly employees, while assistant managers are salaried.

Therein lies the difference. A salaried employee should not have anything to do with tips.

NC Tony

Sure, the assistant managers can share in the tips... provided they take a pay cut down to what the baristas and shift managers are making. This is just another way the big companies try to screw the little guys. People who are salaried don't deserve tips. Plain and simple. If their $33,000 a year isn't enough, they can go somewhere else.


I don't have a problem with the shift managers being in on the tips. They help serve people, and when some of those people turn into raging ass-wholes they're the first managers that get called to deal with the problem. (Even if they were salaried if their job stayed the same they would still have earned those tips)

The assistant managers and managers are salaried and their job tends to be more admin then dealing with people. The day the company starts tipping them for filling in the paper work in a quick and perky fashion then they can have tips.

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