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Dunno if it's allowed, but I'd make one suggestion: It's a bookstore. Read a book.


Projection Peon

I think it was the past 3 years that I worked a double at the theatre on superbowl sunday because like you, I just don't care.

I did care once though. I turned 21 on superbowl sunday, so worst birthday ever since there was no way I was going to hit any bars.


Heh. I'm willing to bet that the reason the manager was prowling and growling was because he was just as bored as you, and needed something to do.
Nice to know that all empathy is burned out when they send you to management training.


AT: If they were getting bitched at for 'not looking busy', I think reading would make it even worse. :P

When $_LOCAL_SPORTS_TEAM was in the superboring, one caller I had wanted to talk about the superbowl when he found out I was in the same town, and nearly cried when I explained to him that the instrument to measure how little I cared had not yet been invented. Seriously, you could hear this little warble in his voice that someone who lived next to the temple of his god (I was across the street from the stadium) didn't care.


I worked at an auto shop on valentines day once and it was so dead we literally had two custies the whole day. So once the shop was clean and in order we got to watch the satellite TV normally reserved for crusties. Best bosses ever.

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