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Argh- this would be funny if it weren't for the Ritalin dig. I hate hate hate people who either 1)sell it "to help you study" or to get people high or 2)make fun of people who actually take it for ADHD because it was properly prescribed. I guess the comic could be making fun of the kid for being a druggie, but it's a sore spot.

Note to anyone who thinks people taking it when they don't need it isn't a big deal: because of those people, those of us who actually need meds like ritalin have to jump hoops people who take less-abused meds don't have to, like presenting a physical prescription in person at the pharmacy every time we need another 30 day supply (no refills, no call-ins, no 90-day supplies) of the meds that let us function at work/school/life- if I go off my meds I am more likely to forget important things or be late to work, which can get me fired. Oh, and if I run out I have to drive to my Dr.s office across town to pick up the prescription (if she's there to write me one), or wait for it to be mailed, then take it into my pharmacy, and if I'm lucky they don't have to fax my doctor to call my insurance for pre-authorization again, which means I have to come back in a few days. Nothing less will do, because anything less could be duplicated by a NTDD (Nasty Ass Drug Dealer).

Sorry for the rant, but, just in case you hadn't noticed, this strikes a nerve...


edit: meant NADD (Nasty Ass Drug Dealer)


*snort* Who says you have the actual paper that your degree is printed on? When you graduate from college, they hold your degree hostage until you finish paying back any money owed to the school. Guess you'll have to use your overdue electric bill for TP instead. :P

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