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Cat Wrangler

She has a boyfriend? How does he stand the crazy?

Hellbound Alleee

OK, I know this may sound weird to some people, but I don't think they should encourage this bullshit by REWARDING employees for STANDING THERE AND TAKING IT when a "customer" hurls words like "sand nigger" and "bombed the world trade center." They should have taken the mop and pushed that bitch out of the store on the end of it.

We are not working fucking stressful jobs for minimum wage and no benefits to be harassed like that while the CEO's have their feet licked by clueless middle managers. This is bullshit.


Yeah, I would have quietly called the police, and then sent Ms. Crazy on her way, WITHOUT her order the second she started slinging her racial insults and threatning to bomb the planet.

The Last Archimedean

How come it doesn't say "Dunkin' Donuts has banned this racist psycho bitch from all of our stores globally, forever"? I would think that would be the very first thing they would do.


I was really not surprised when she said that someone has pissed in her fries. Does she not watch her own videos?


I thought it was funny when she said something along the lines of "I know they're peeing, spiting, et al. in this food. That's why I'm not eating it; I'm giving it to my boyfriend." I hope said boyfriend quickly hauled out of there. It's one thing to date a completely oblivious jerk, but it's another thing to date a jerk who doesn't see you as being worthy of urine-free food.

But anyway, I also have mixed feelings about the praise. On the one hand, I do feel they should be commended for ignoring her with as much grace as they did. On the other hand, it does send the message that employees should have to deal with this crap.


Funny, I don't hear the word "raise" amongst all this "praise" from their employers.


I think we all agree that Little Miss Entitled here is a complete douche. What worries me much more about this whole incident, though, is that the reactions to Abid Adar's behavior (keeping his cool throughout all that, kudos for that, of course), is praised in the way it is.
I'm working in customer service as well, douches like that are a common occurrence, most of them just don't go viral. There are thousands of people putting up with stuff like that every day. A decent employer would not force their employees into thinking they need to put up with this kind of abuse as part of their job. But that is part of the job these days, apparently. This case is the proof of the sad truth that people working retail (or in general customer support) are way too often expected to sacrifice their dignity if they want to keep their jobs.
*That* is, what's really wrong here. An outcry over the racist BS this missy is pulling off? Sure. But the bigger outrage - in my eyes - is that it is expected and accepted, even praised, that folks on the low end of the wage scale tolerate this kind of abuse.
No matter what you're paid, there's a line no decent human being should be allowed to cross. And if someone does, you should always be allowed to react accordingly, without the fear of losing your job. Not if your employer is a decent human being.
I'm well aware that in reality things look different, this incident is just such a sad, screaming example of this well known injustice. It makes me cringe.
I'm luxky. To quote my boss: "You weren't hired to be abused." May your employer be an equally decent human being.

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