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Next time you see Sally, tell her that you ain't covering her ass no more.

The Last Archimedean

The 3D's on Elsie and Sally, and when you have suffiecient evidence, submit it to the big boss.


What a lazy bitch. And yes, I mean both of them. The day I had an asthma attack at the vet's office I finished the puppy crates. People just don't have a work ethic anymore and then you wonder why we have sites like this.


I'm experiencing stuff like this at my work, glad I read this story. Now I'll do the 3Ds and submit the evidence. :)


I'd say it's self-perpetuating. When the good workers get treated badly anyway, what motivation is there to be a good worker? It's easier to slack off- see Office Space "I work just hard enough not to get fired." It's still an ass move to push all the work onto your coworkers, though. It doesn't just disappear, after all.

NC Tony




Turn it in.

Kick it up the chain if nothing gets done.

When something does get done, sit back and watch as they either get into trouble or get fired.

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