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I'll see Rainbow Butt Lady and raise you Sourpuss Granny.

She came in The Baby Store at closing time, surly look firmly on her face, and asked me to help her find a Christmas gift for her grand-daughter...oh did I not mention this was on Christmas Eve? Yep that's right she came into the store AT CLOSING TIME ON CHRISTMAS EVE to start shopping for her grand-daughter.
Did she know want she wanted? Nope.
Was she easy to please? That would be no!
I finally got her to settle on a fancy red-velvet dress, and while I was ringing her up I noticed the other associate talking to someone through the gate. I prayed that person would be gone before I had to open the gate to let Sourpuss out, and luckily the other associate managed to get rid of her.
After I let Sourpuss out, the other associate turned to me with an incredulous look on her face and said, "That woman I was talking to just now? She asked if we were open tomorrow because she wanted to make a return!"

The Last Archimedean

One of my former jobs had registers that automatically shut off at 5 minutes past closing time. That's one way to get the customers out of the store...


I understand why you feel guilty, but honestly you have no reason to. If you had known that it would take far longer than you thought it would, then you would've done something else - but there's no way to know these things. You made a good decision with the information you had available. That it turned out perhaps not to be the right decision is something over which you have no control. You did the best you could with what you had. There's nothing there to be sorry about.

Without Nametag

@Chicajojobe: Really? A freaking RETURN?
@TLA: We had a handful that would shut off with the lights, but I think it was a fluke :P
@Diane: Thanks :) I have this built-in thing where I must be helpful at all times, and sometimes I feel like I wasn't as helpful to that guy as I could have been. But I think you're right - it was just an unfortunate situation.


I worked at a gas station briefly and once when the power went out we locked the doors and put up signs as we couldn't run transactions without the register. People would ignore the signs and start beating the door. It was pretty funny.

Bored at the Bookstore

I close up at six, Thrognar willing, which means lock the door, turn off the "Books" sign, turn the sign in the window and the one on the door to "Closed", then cash out and scoot for home, Have to leave the lights on, though, so I can see to count up.

Invariably, someone will drive up, park smack in front of the window with the big yellow-and-black heart-shaped "closed" sign still swinging, walk to the door, pull on the handle, step back and look at the door sign (CLOSED - will return at 10:00 a.m.), then step up to the glass and knock, hollering, "HEY! Are you _closed_?????" Yup.

Last Friday I finishing cashing out, walked over to turn off the lights, and let myself out. As I opened the door, a lady walked up, held the door for me, and then started inside. Into the darkened shop. "Oh, are you closing?" Yup, thirty minutes ago, See you tomorrow. G'night.


I hated having to follow customers around 20 minutes after close. I love my little mom and pop shop. We close promptly when we say we close. That means that the music turns off, the lights go out, all but one of the registers is already closed, and all the underlings are allowed to leave. You can stay to help get a customer out if you're feeling nice, or you can pass them off to a manager. Said manager is allowed to tell a loiterer to leave. At the door, the minute we close, is a manager guarding the door and not letting any new customers in.
It's so wonderful it could bring tears to my eyes.


Ahhh, the fun of "GEDDOUTTAHERE!" Working at a bar, we kind of get that at closing time. People always ask why the bar clock is set 15 minutes ahead, It's because it takes us 15 minutes of yelling and prodding to get people out the door sometimes.

It's actually easier on weekends, because of the feedback fairy. 230am "real" time hits and I hang the mic from the DJ gear in front of one of the speakers.


I love to work the late shift at the library (it usually dead by that time and I can get homework done) but with that comes the shut down. We close at 1 most nights, and the computers are shut down when doors lock, 15 minutes before closing. Of course we have to manually shut the computers down which is always a treat. Having to explain to people that, no you can't just save that document our computers wipe back to default settings each night (while signs say the same thing) and other such nonsense, and then shutting down the computers (some of which have rather disgusting messes around or on them) is always the pain. And then there are the wonderful students who come in during that time and ask if they can check out a reserve book to take to their dorms. Sorry, but those are not allowed to leave the library.

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