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The Last Archimedean

If people don't want to be made fun of on the site, there's a simple solution...


I know that these people were born on third base and think they hit a triple, but you don't *have* to be an arsehole just because you're rich. I went to a rich kids' high school, and some of them actually behaved like human beings to the poorer kids [like me].


Oh man poor people hating the rich at some point I'm going to have to do a rant on that topic. For starters rich people hurt the economy, and society far more than they help it. Of course I also think that political correctness breeds racism and hate.


My mother always taught me that having money doesn't exclude me from having to have (or being capable of having) a sense of class and decency. Long ago moneyed people use to take a certain sense of pride in this (or so I'm told, as I don't remember this), but nowadays at least 50% of them are trying to have a trashy contest to see who can be the trashiest and the douchiest.


I don't mind the calling out of assholes. But the comment "Aspiring fashionistas and flagrant hipsters should also watch their backs these days. Fedora wearing, vintage bike-pedaling, all white outfit sporting Hamptonites are all lampooned mercilessly." doesn't sit well with me. Unless they are actively doing something that is asshole-ish, then all they are doing IS bullying these people because of a stereotype.


Agreed with Kitai. I feel like BEHAVIOR deserves to be called out and mocked, but clothing choices (unless they specifically have assholish statements) really aren't hurting anybody. The potential for body and slut shaming here in particular bothers me :/


Agreed with Kitai there. I get if some people are just strange in their choice of attire but so long as I'm not seeing anything that shouldn't be seen, it's a shrug and move on. That is, of course, until they become an entitled asshat.. at which point the attire must be noted.

That said, I think for these entitled asshats to be behaving like this is bullying in itself. The then have their poor attitudes made note of online is only equal footing, I think.

Damn Yankee

Money can't buy class. That just proves it!

NC Tony

Then there's the claim that the guy who's doing this is "just poor locals who are mad at rich people". Well whoever said that is half right. They're mad at you, but not because you're rich, it's because you're a rich, entitled douche.

Book Baby

What NC Tony said.


WHAT??? NO LINK??!!! How can we determine if this article is correct without a link?? Besides, if there really is a Yorkie in a highchair, I want to track down the restaurant and let them know that they can KICK IT OUT!


For those interested: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Douche-Spotter/597156940306654?fref=ts

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