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The Last Archimedean

At least when I return things, which isn't often, I have more brains than a rock and actually bring the receipt and the item I'm returning with me. That seems like such a basic thing. How in the world can anyone not understand that when you're returning a product, you need to actually give it back?


LOL! The chocolate chip one reminds me of a story a waiter at a restaurant told me about waiting on a demanding custy who at the end of the meal asked for something else because she didn't like her entree...of course, she didn't dislike it enough to stop her from eating all of it!


I guess I can SORT OF see the logic in the custy's complaint... she bought regular chocolate chips, but was charged for mint. She wanted the difference refunded back to her. But that's not going to fly here. #1. It's a bulk store, which means that shit is charged by weight. How do you know that she bought chocolate chips but was charged for mint by mistake? You have to have proof of what you claim. #2. She may have actually bought mint chips and wanted to get them at the chocolate price. Again, see #1. When you'r the custy and you want a refund, you have to have the burden of proof to back you up, or you got nuthin'.
Also, I'd like to hear more about this Dwight-like manager :D

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