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Bitch Boy

And it is cases like this that make me a firm believer that retail and food service employees should be allowed to carry some sort of self-defense.

I.E. stun gun, pepper spray, et cetera.


That's where I live! Stupid custy, having a job doesn't excuse you from being a asshole!


I'm pretty sure that was Siemens, not Seimens, but I could be wrong.


The Last Archimedean

I hope they get this scumbag and throw him in prison for a long time after convicting him of attempted murder. Yelling at employees, while not acceptable, is understandable and a forgivable sin. Pushing somebody in front of a moving car is the act of a psychotic bastard.


"No arrests have been made in the incident."

Please tell me it's not going to be THAT hard to get a photo line-up of Siemens employees and have that poor man look at them. He could have been killed! Best of luck in finding this guy before he really DOES kill someone.


Yeah and if the manager had whipped the fucker then he would have been fired. We really need to start some sort of campaign for the right to reasonable self defense like mace or a stung gun.

Lana Burgess

I think he should get life!

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