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Bored at the Bookstore

Say one, "I will buy it later, I promise," and you are forgiven. People do this to me all the time in the bookstore, and as long as they buy Something, at SOME point (even if it's not today), it's okay. I've had people come in and have me doing computer research on books' series, etc., for who-knows-how-long. Sometimes they then buy a book, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they come back a week later and say, "You were so nice to look these up for me - here, I'll take this $50 worth now!"

I consider it an investment in customer relations and PR.

However, if you make me jump through those same hoops and then pull out your Kindle and order them from my arch-rival, Amazon, I will feel like pulling out all your hair and tossing you out into the parking lot bald as Kojak! *G* I won't, but I'll want to!

Jimbo Jane

I think saying i'm sorry doesn't make you a bloodsuckers, bloodsuckers don't usually say that...


Yeah, at my store we'd rather people ask as many questions as possible! Can't tell you how many times, even today, that I'd ask if they found everything and got the response that they asked questions and now they just had to decide.


I've bloodsucked. Asking a lot of questions without intention to purchase, or finally purchasing a very small amount. Some places will still send samples to interested parties for free or nearly free.

For some things, getting a price is like pulling teeth, but it can be done.

And then again, sometimes I do place orders. Mine are usually not too large, but I do design work for outfits that use my specifications for part and vendor, and their orders can have seven digits before the decimal point. And I'd not have sent them to you unless you answered my questions.

So yeah. Bloodsucking happens. It's very good PR to put up with it. No, it's not much fun, and yes, it's hard on the poor drones. But it happens.



In the end it's probably better to have someone make an informed purchase as it cuts down on returns. I know that won't stop them all but it could help.


I don't think 2 is being a Bloodsucker. I grill my internet company about hidden charges. I did the same to my moving company when I moved recently. I've never bought a car by myself, but I probably would then too.
If they were upfront with all charges, no one would feel then need to do so.


I have a friend who runs a cat rescue who has done #1. She'll get cats in with severe food allergies and the best way to find out is to stand in the aisle, read the back of every can, and ask a million questions. Sometimes you have to a little research, and I find that most researchers are careful to apologize for the time they've taken in making said informed decision. That's not bloodsucking. Bloodsucking is going into the fancy dress section in a store where they're on commission and trying on a bunch of dresses for the hell of it. Sadly, in my younger years, I was guilty of doing that. :/

NC Tony

The Mighty Thrognar forgives you.


This doesn't sound all that wrong to me. You were genuinely unsure, so you asked questions to clarify things. This is much more preferable than someone not asking any questions, buying anyway, then coming back a week later, calling the slaves liars, thieves and idiots because whatever they bought didn't do something it was never intended or designed to do, or not asking questions of your manager, then doing whatever it was utterly wrongly, leaving them in the situation of having to get someone to redo the work.

Now, if you'd done that to 'showroom', and then bought it off somewhere like Amazon, then you'd suddenly find me at your door one dark and stormy night, with a blowtorch, complete surgical kit, 17 gerbils and a mad gleam in my eye.

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