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The Last Archimedean

Tell your manager to ban this bitch. She should have to take her temper tantrums elsewhere.


He should have known better than to tell her what days you worked. And I agree with TLA, she should be banned for her lunacy.

Hellbound Alleee

Does anyone there have the authority to say "No?"


I second TLA and Sandman. Under NO circumstance should she be advised what days you were going to be in. Additionally, her order should have been cancelled and she banned from the store. No matter the reason for her atrocious behavior, you should have to deal with it.


*should not have to deal with it. Stupid rebellious fingers...


OMG, she makes you POP the bubbles on her pizza crust? I agree. Her ass should be banned. Allowing her to bully you guys into doing her bidding only means that she will continue to come back, time and again.


Agree with the above. She should have been a 'Good Riddance' customer a LONG time ago!

I say she should be banned AND blacklisted. Warn other businesses that this lady is nuts and to not obey her whims. And look into legal options.

This hag is truly what the worst Hellspawn grow into.

The Vacationing NC Tony

Tell your managers that from now on you're going to exercise your right to refuse to serve her. Tell them that if they don't do anything to take care of the problem (meaning ban her ass), you'll take action on your own, and file harassment charges against her. Or just forgo telling your managers, and file charges against her.


We really need laws around customer harassment of employees. This is a serious issue that clearly wont be addressed until it is a law.

Conspiracy Girl

And when you complain, use the word 'stalker'. That's what she is-she wants confidential information (your schedule) so that she can harass you at your place of work. Your employers are contributing to her harassment by giving her the information. Mention that part to the police as well.

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