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Didn't like how you talked about foreigners last time (comment apparently got deleted) and don't like your attitude on welfare this time. We had a story JUST RECENTLY on why it's dickish to be telling people what they can or can't buy on stamps, and why some people have nice things and stamps.

I vote it's time for you to find a new store, and I don't mean that as an insult to your character. I'm sure you're a great employee, and you've proven you can stick to a job well. But two huge rants about everything you hate make it seem like this job is dragging you down and making you miserable. I know the economy sucks, and job hunting sucks, but still. You've been there too long :/

Goo Goo Gaga

Wow. You are a really bitter Betty.

Former Grocery Slave

While some of the stuff you described can be annoying, most of it is not really so bad and totally understandable. I can understand how retail can make you bitter about certain things, but I do have to agree that maybe it is time for you to start looking into another field of work. Bitter would be an understatement! :(


Im with other people on this. The job just isnt for you. You seem really really bitter about simple stuff that should not even be an issue.

Also bad call on the foodstamp stuff. Compared to how little people get. Im on SSI for disability and I get about 70 a month on food stamps. Guess what that usually pays for small things im sure you have a big healthy selection for super cheap at the doller store.


I really hope you have to go on welfare and have people judging YOU for what you want to buy.

Hellbound Alleee

Wow, guys, thank you! I mean, I kinda thought maybe I'd be alone on this one, because I was thinking, "another Entitlement person who makes up fantasy fur coat ladies on welfare." Seriously, not ONE of us has paid ONE individual enough of our tax money to pay for ONE expensive piece of jewelry. On the OTHER hand, we've all paid dearly for the PRIVILEGE of having a nearby Wal*Mart and other Big Box chains that pay their employees so POORLY that they have NO CHOICE but to use government funds for food and healthcare!

Seriously, are we all just too young to remember 2008? When we paid out the ass to JP Morgan and Bank of America because ITS OWN PEOPLE screwed us out of house and home...and we complain about FEEDING PEOPLE?

As for candy and pop--show me ONE PERSON here who works hard for their money--and as I previously mentioned, so do THOUSANDS of people who work JUST AS HARD as we do--who doesn't stuff their face with candy and pop--or expensive organic vegetables for that matter? I will bow down to whoever grows most of their own food, keeps chickens and sheep, but for FUCK'S SAKE, we are no better than the next guy.

And as an atheist, I have no problem telling you that was the ONE VALUABLE THING that church taught me--we are all the same, and every damned one of us has the duty to show the most compassion to the least of us, no matter how much it may annoy us. The rest I figured out for myself--that to assume makes an ass out of U and ME.


You know, I was willing to listen right up until you decided to tell me how to spend my own fucking food stamps. Try this one on for size: I have a medical condition. If my blood sugar drops too low, guess what every doctor in the country is going to suggest I do? Eat a candy bar or drink a soda. Which I am buying with my food stamps. I'm sorry if my purchasing a $1 candy bar pisses you off, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than being shipped off to the hospital in an ambulance.


I as well felt disgusted about the things you said of people who have foodstamps. I agree with CoG, there may be reasons why someone on foodstamps is getting a soda or a candybar. I have foodstamps and buy caffinated soda regularly. Want to know why? I get severe migraines to the point where I lose chunks of my vision while its happening and can go on for days. The caffine in the soda helps. (I don't drink coffee and caffine pills make me jittery, even when cut in half).


Glad I'm not the only one to think this way. Was worried I'd get deleted again. Why on earth would this bitter person think a website full of minimum wage workers in a shit economy would support entitled bitching about foodstamps?


Where is this dollar store with the Hummers out front? I want to shop there! You know, maybe one of them will leave their doors unlocked and the key in the ignition....


I can understand where you are coming from with some of this, but as the foodstamp--I have a good friend of mine, one of the moms in my Girl Scout troop who has a very nice car, nice jewelry, beautiful clothes and she has a food stamp card and she has caught a lot of flak for it but she has it for her foster children. They make a nice middle class salary and are very nice people and they also take in foster children. They get food stamps every month to help feed the children. Now I know some of you will say--oh if she has that much money she shouldn't get foodstamps regardless because of how much money her and her husband makes. But I disagree. This woman is raising other people's children. She mothers them, worries over them and then have to let them go.
They spoil their foster children. They take them everywhere and even get special permission to take them to out of state on vacations these children would never get if not for them. But let me tell you as soon as she is standing in line with her gold rings and designer handbag and expensive clothing and whips out the EBT card other people in line and the cashier gives her the nastiest looks or even confront her on using it.


Sorry, but if you're on food stamps, it should not be what you WANT to buy; rather, it should be what you NEED to buy. Granted, some people like CoG NEED soda/pop, but you all know as well as anyone that most people who buy said items don't NEED them. I've also seen people buy cigarettes and booze on stamps, which pisses me off to no end.

I'm not against stamps in general, but there should be a lot more restrictions with them. When you're taking money from the taxpayers and government, you should NOT be able to buy whatever you want.

As far as this story goes, as with the other this user wrote, I think there's far far too much complaining and bitching. The reason you have a job is because of customers. Yes, some can be huge assholes, but most of the stuff you complain about is pretty par for the course as far as retail goes. I don't work in retail, but I still deal with morons...it just comes with the territory.

Seeing the way the comments are going, I don't see this post being up much longer.


"I guess you can’t buy YOUR CANDY AND POP WITH YOUR FOODSTAMPS…which you shouldn’t be able to buy on your ‘stamps to begin with."

I stopped reading after that. You may not like that I get food stamps, but guess what, I need them. If I want to buy myself candy and pop once in a while, I shouldn't be stopped just because I have food stamps. I don't buy a lot of junk food, but when I do, I am not going to tolerate someone telling me what I can and cannot do with MY money.


Boho: I'm not sure what state(s) you are referring to, but in the state I live in you cannot use food stamps to buy alcohol, cigarettes, or any item that is non-food or already prepared food.


Yeah, the first thing about "don't get mad at me if your EBT card doesn't work" I was on board with because it isn't your fault if it doesn't work.

The ranting about people in fur coats and jewelry, and driving a Hummer on welfare and "MY TAX DOLLARS" though...fail.

You don't know anyone's life from looking at them. Maybe there's special circumstances. Maybe the jewelry and coat were fake; maybe the Hummer was borrowed from a from a friend; maybe she's nouveau poor and the items are leftovers from her previous affluency; maybe she has foster children whom the benefits are for like Perky mentioned.
Or maybe she's cheating the system. Most people on welfare aren't living large on the government dime because welfare doesn't pay nearly well enough to afford fur coats and Hummers...but there are always bad apples. Is it possible there are some people that have plenty of money and cheat to get more from welfare? Sure, it's possible.

OR, and frankly I'd say the most likely possibility because the story is just not that believable, the woman's ostentatious dress and vehicle were very exaggerated or made up all together.

Bottomline, just because you have a crappy job doesn't give you the right to make snap judgements about people whom you know nothing about!

Cosmetics Hellhound

Omg, make up your mind.
You want people to ask about their MasterCard but get pissed off if they ask if you take VISA?
You are a very bitter, depressed person and you need to calm the fuck down.


I can kind of understand the rant about welfare people but even if there are a few people that scam the system it doesn't even come close to the amount of our tax money that goes to outright corruption. Heck just look at the posts from yesterday. A Wal-Mart was getting a 10 million dollar subsidy to build a store. A company with profits in the multiple billions gets free money from the government. Fur coats are not the fucking problem.

Miss Red

The general consensus seems to be that STTD here needs to calm down and stop making snap judgments. I tend to agree with that. Sadly, I used to be that way myself. After years of watching all kinds of (alleged) injustices, I became bitter and jaded. It took me years after that point to realize that I was just wasting my energy on something that would never be worth it. For every 10 decent, maybe even pleasant custys, you are going to have that one crusty who steals, or acts self-important, or just downright ignorant. It's unlikely to change, so to keep what small shreds of sanity we retail slaves must have, it is we who must try to change.


Most fur coats are heirlooms these days anyway. Maybe she got it from grandma? Maybe the rings are fake gold. Maybe she borrowed the car?

Who the fuck are you to judge?


Wow Perky, I never knew foster families received foodstamps! Thanks for putting that out there because I never knew and that's awesome that the state helps out the families who can provide for foster kids. And I'm going to agree with the masses, STTD is being pretty bitter. I know today my first ever transaction went haywire and the lady was pissed ($2 off of $90) and I still feel upset that she'd be so snappy and mad. But then I try to block that out with all the nice people who understood I was training and were polite. Even the man who had to wait (just as long as angry lady) for an exchange I couldn't do without the manager. He was awesome and I probably thanked him 100 times for being so patient.
But getting mad over someone asking about what cards are taken while being mad when people don't ask? There's no pleasing you apparently. I totally understand being upset about messes, bodily fluids, and people who try to steal or get undeserved discounts. Legitimate issues. But the smaller things are just part of the job. Returns for a dollar? It may seem like no big deal but those dollars add up. You already stated the return policy so why get mad when people use said return policy? I agree with pretty much everyone. I'm not sure this is the right line of work for you.


I came prepared to rant about the foodstamp issue. I see this has been taken care of.

Randomly, Boho, where do you live that people can buy cigarettes or booze on foodstamps? I ask because that sounds like total BS. When people say this I think back to my foodstamp days. See, at stores like walmart, you can scan your EBT card after EVERYTHING has been rung up. This includes cigarettes, beer, toilet paper, whatever...but, it only charges the card for the accepted food items. I seriously think people assume that EBT users are paying for everything with that card, they aren't.
Also, can we quit saying things like "foodstamps should only be for the food you need, not the food you want." How about this, I'll keep track of what goes into my mouth, you keep track of what comes out of yours.


"foodstamps should only be for the food you need, not the food you want."

That is kind of a ridiculous statement. Where would you draw the line on that one?
Fish? Healthy, but a pretty indulgent purchase considering the price.
Red meat? Has iron and protein, but vegans would basically call it poison.
Grass fed meat? Healthy and good quality, but is it too much for people who are supposedly poor?
Strawberries? Undoubtedly healthy, but definitely would fall into the category of "food I want" for most people.

Even the whole no prepared food rule is controversial, because it means processed food like chips and cereal are allowed but a pre-roast chicken isn't.
You really can't make rules like that.


Do you want to know what I found last week at the second hand store? A fur coat, the cost $10 so yeah if you're smart you could afford a fur coat and still need government aid. In fact it's not uncommon to find furs at the second hand store since fur can tick some people right off. But hey it's crazy warm in the winter.


As a person who has food stamps: FUCK YOU. I have worked my ass off though high schooland college and have fallen on hard times at the age of 23. My boyfriend and I both work hard as we can to take care of our daughter yet with him still in school and me raising our daughter we struggle to make ends meet and Foodstamps is a GODSEND. There are rules about what you can buy, and there is no way AROUND them-food stamps allows for treats-it makes it so that i could buy my boyfriend a cake for his birthday-and though there are some people who abuse it and buy nothing but junk it not YOUR place to JUDGE them. for you all you know that is the first candy bar and soda that person has bought in months. As for how a person withfood stamps dresses or possessions-again you dont know so dont judge-honestly I have an iPhone-bc it was a christmas present 2 years ago and my parents still have me on their family plan to help me save money-i have several tattoos, and allof them are things I paied for before i got food stamps but have taken good care off-I have nice clothes bc every year for christmas and my birthday my parents buy me clothes so that i can be presentable and decent while job hunting our working.. Hell i even have some BEAUTIFUl very expensive jewlery that i wear-that was passed on to me when my grandmother DIED. so dont you judge or assume anything about people with food stamps. so again i send an solid FUCK YOU.


Also: to whomever said they've seen people use food stamps for booze or cigs-I call BULLSHIT. there is a whole system in place that prevents that and if you try to use them on anything that doesnt have a NUTRITIION FACTS label it wont work.

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