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Dude, good for you! Slaves on the lower level could never get away with that shit. Kudos to you for putting your foot down!

The Last Archimedean

They deserved to be told off like that. That's probably the first time they've been told "no" in quite some time.

Not Perfect

And this is why they should change it to "The customer is rarely right"

The Last Archimedean

NP. the correct phrasing is "The customer is NEVER right and ALWAYS an idiot."


How about this? The customer who is never polite, is never right.


I'll have you know, I NEVER did this unless I was "trying before I was buying" in which case everything was put back on it's hangar exactly as I had found it, and I could even hang it exactly where I found it. Trying on clothes "for fun" can be done at each other's house. Good job kicking them out!


They were probably making Duck Faces too..


Okay, I confess when I was in my early teens I did the try on dresses for fun a few times. But only 1 at a time, it was more of if I saw something really cute during a shopping trip for clothes I was buying, but that I couldn't afford, I'd try it on just to see what it looked like. Never 30 at a time, though, and I always hung them back up.
Kids are somewhat oblivious, it's normal, but at a certain point common sense has to kick in...or at least I'd hope!

Trucker Bitch

Because my dad had worked retail, my sister and I had damn good fitting room manners. I not only make sure I put things back on the hangers, I'll make sure hang things like bras in the exact way I found them.


My mom made it very clear that you were to put things back on the hangar and take them back out to the put-away rack. She gets just as mad as I do now over people who can't be bothered to put things away. Ugh, the thing that pisses me off the most is a complete lack of common courtesy. My kids (when I have them) will be taught from day 1 not to be dicks.


I hope I'm not being a crusty, but sometimes I let my teenage daughter and her friends try on the prom and cocktail dresses knowing that they are not going to buy them--but I make sure that they put everything back on hangers and put the dresses back where they found them and that they do not exceed the maximum amount of dresses allowed in the changing room. I have actually made them hang and put away clothes that they found in the dressing room that they did not take in there.

Is this allowing them to try on clothes that I know they are not buying crusty behavior--even if I make them clean up after themselves? Is this something I should put a stop too?

Soft Ice Girl

When I go shopping for something, I always try on at least five or six items before I buy anything, and I don´t see the problem with trying on stuff for fun, unless there is a line.
BUT: You have to put your stuff back!!

On the rare occasions where I forget where I got an item (happens when I am in the fifth store without finding anything and my head starts spinning because I hate shopping), I give it to the bring-back-person and apologize.
@TLA: Don´t you exaggerate, hm ;)

Sabriel Jones

I thought there was a limit on how many items a person was able to have in the fitting room?


@Perky: I think the circumstances matter. At one point, my bored friends and I were guilty of trying on hella-pricey dresses in Nordy's just for fun, eating up the commissioned sales girl's time. That was ultra-crusty of us, and I feel bad about it now that I've worked retail. if you're just letting your daughter and her friends try on a handful and being mindful of the limit, I think that's okay. Especially because you make them hang those dresses up and be neat about their trip into the store. The girls from this story were trying on an obnoxious amount of clothing, and not being respectful of things that didn't belong to them. I think you're okay with a few excursions like this.


@Sabriel Jones: Not always, and sometimes when there are limits, they aren't enforced. Depends on the store and their system.


@CoG When the sales person ask if they need help I tell them we are good so that they do not have to spend time on a customer if they are not going to get a commission. I totally respect that. They occasionally get a little loud and giggly, and I try to shush them, but shushing a giggling group of teenage girls is like talking to a cat.


Growing up, my parents would always look at me funny when I folded and hung up the clothes I had just tried on. They'd tell me that there were people who worked there that got pad to do that. But I always felt super bad for the people who worked the dressing rooms, because the only times we went clothes shopping was around back to school, and it was always such a nightmare. My little kid brain figured that by being nice and taking care of the clothes I had tried on, I was making someone's life a little easier.

Conspiracy Girl

I do try on things that I don't initally intend to buy just to see what they look like on, because often I'll find that what I loved on the rack does nothing for me on, and what was meh on the rack looks awesome on. That's the point of a fitting room-to see if it fits and looks good. But I always put things back on hangars and on the put-away rack/hand to the fitting room attendant.

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