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Dave's insanity sauce! I cracked up the first time I read the back of the bottle, but I never tested out to see if it really strip wax floors and remove grease stains from the driveway though.

Has anyone tried it?

Justy Ghost

Tried it (one drop at a time is a good idea to wake yourself up in the morning), it did a passable job on a driveway grease stain, but I never tested the wax floors.


I add it to chili and soups. Quite good in moderation.


My brother loves the stuff. He routinely has a bottle of the hottest version in his kitchen. (I forget what the version name was). He LOVES hot food. He put some of that sauce in a pot of chili, and nobody could eat it. Even he could only manage half a bowl.

He said that cooking it apparently pissed it off.


Meh not the hottest or the best sauce.


There's a place near Cincinnati, OH called Jungle Jim's that has all sorts of foods from all sorts of countries. I've been there twice. One of their features is about 150 bottles of hot sauce. I didn't even know that there were 150 manufacturers of hot sauce! Some of the names cracked me up! I'd be interested to see if any of the others had this warning.

Also, read the bottles of Gluceau Vitamin Water. They have interesting descriptions too.

Jason Thorn

(starts making notes) Need...new food munition...

Virginialee Berger

It's Terry Pratchett's Wow-wow sauce!

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