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The Last Archimedean

What a &*%^%&*& cheapskate! It's a dollar store, pay your buck and GTFO. That's cheaper than most places to begin with.


Some people argue just to feel superior. Was at a store once and some old biddy was arguing over whether one can of 3 for a dollar catfood should be 33 or 34 cents. I finally got tired of it, fished out a nickel and slapped it down. "There. You're covered for the next five. Can we PLEASE get on with our lives?" She death-glared me and stomped out in a huff. The cashier said "Thank you, she does that every couple of days."


Here's the rule if you can't afford it, don't buy it. No candy is worth being a douche over.


My favorite way to deal with those kind of jerks is to simply ask if they would like me to put the items back for them. It subtly makes it clear that the price is already decided and that their choice is now whether to but it or not. You know without being blatantly rude about it.

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