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The Last Archimedean

And the cat would need this... why? Cats are fine just the way Nature built them.

The Singing Library Clerk

It's a gag-gift, TLA. Like Squirrel Underpants.

Though I suppose if you had a cat into cosplay they'd love it.

Mel the Library Slave

Ah, yes, the "I will kill you for doing this to me" expression that cats can get.

NC Tony

That cat has a look on his face like "I will change your name to Claude Balls."


I'd try this with my semi-feral cat but I think I would end up with stumps instead of hands.


Let's see...

*inflatable* unicorn horn + cat + claws = deflated, shredded unicorn horn / demanding crusty wanting money back

I think we know the answer to this one.

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