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Choosing between school and a job. That's a really, really dumb question. If you're a highschool student, school should take priority, if only because it's rather difficult to get a job that doesn't suck if you don't even have a high-school diploma. University should be more important too, if only because you're paying for it.


Realized in my hype to type I forgot to mention he also scheduled me on some nights that I had asked off due to track. Herp derp. Was a reason I mentioned the track part. >.>


Not to mention truancy laws and the fact that not showing up can lead to serious consequences. The ass was on something- who thinks high school students can just skip any time they want? Of course you should drop out and work at his crappy store, why not? derp.

The Last Archimedean

The scheduling thing was bad, but making comments about your body when he damn well knew you were underage was disgusting. That's the kind of thing that gets people put in jail. It's inappropriate even if the person you're ogling is 18 or over, but to do it to a 16-year-old when you know she's only 16... yikes.


Good for your mom... for not killing the guy. I'm sure she wanted to rip him to shreds.


If it helps, I'm in my 30's and my mother is still trying to fight some of my battles.
As for your creepy-ass boss, the only thing that sums up how he treated you is "Ewwwwwwww".


Noting that my grandmother almost brought a shotgun to a catholic school when a priest tried to touch my uncle... no you mother didn't fly off the handle that time either. Yesh do you know what happened to Nerd or will that be a mystery left to the ages?


Lets see now. A future or this shitty job....yeah no question that school wins there. As for your mom being over protective, hell I'd whip the ass of anyone who did that to my baby sister(I don't have kids) in half a second.


I'm fairly certain that just attempting to schedule you during school hours would be a violation of the law in several states. I know that Texas is VERY strict about what hours a minor can work. I had to explain to a dozen different managers night after night why I was still working at 1030 during the school year (I was a HS graduate and thus no longer bound by most work laws relating to minors).


Really? I read that and went "What a great mommy!" That's exactly what she should have done. You were still underage and it's her responsibility to protect you from shit like that. Don't tell me you wouldn't do that for your kids, Karebear. You know you would, even if they were 16.


I'm amazed Nerd managed to walk out of that store. If that were my daughter.....


@Nomnom: I would do it for my kids in a heart beat. Though, I'm not sure if I could stop myself from punching the perv's nose.

@Mage: Not entirely sure what happened to him. The store didn't stay open long after that. I don't visit the mall often, nor did I as a teen, but I went about 2 months after quitting and noticed it was shut down and boarded up. Think nowadays it's a Hello Kitty store. As for Nerd...who knows. I check the state's sex offender list occasionally (usually to see how many live nearby) and never noticed him on it, so guess he either a) behaves himself these days, b) never got caught, or c) was killed by some other parent.

Cat Wrangler

I have a step dad and dad and step mom and mom. I can promise you that had that happened to me the best outcome is my dad's brother knocking the offender out to prevent my four parents from getting arrested for murder. Also my mom is/was over protective too. I am in my early thirties and still have to call to say I made it home safe (less than thirty min) from their house to mine. My first reaction to your story was give your mom a hug from me. I am so glad they were there to rip that guy a new asshole and protect their karebear cub. I don't have kids but I still have kids in my life and believe me I may bee all of 5'2 100 pounds but that doesn't mean I won't protect those I love and most especially cubs who can't protect themselves.

NC Tony

If it were my daughter (I only have a son), I'm pretty sure my wife would have to hold me back from killing that guy. He's just lucky your father isn't my father-in-law. MY FIL is a third degree black belt, and even in his mid-sixties, is built like a brick shithouse.

Book Baby

I have boys but I have a daughter in law and a future DIL and I would NEVER let anyone act like that to them! I am Rubenesque and I carry a mean left hook. I am the unofficial bouncer at work, so you can see where I am coming from.

Nerd is lucky to be alive. I would have had him backed up against the wall with his throat (or his balls) in my hands) as I was dialing 911.

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