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The Last Archimedean

Bravo to Other Dad for telling off Brat's irresponsible parents, and to you, KareBear, for using it as a lesson for your son. If more peoiple did this, calling out bad parents for being bad, there would be a lot fewer wild hellspawn.


this is why I love my son. he is almost always so polite and nice in the store or when we go out. he always says please when ordering his food, he doesn't run around the store (sometimes its because I have a hold of his shirt but that is beside the point ;) )


seconding L.A here. we always try to make a point of letting our son know that we are so proud of how well he behaves and that is why we like taking him places. We are truly lucky, we cant take any credit for it, he is just a good kid with a good heart.

NC Tony

Bravo to that other dad. I would have applauded him had I been there. Whenever I see kids acting like that I always tell my son (loud enough for either the Hellspawn or it's "parents" to hear) "I am so glad you don't act like that!"


What I wouldn't do to look on that card and see "Police Officer" or "Lawyer". It's obvious that no one has stood up to those morons in quite awhile. You can bet that if I ever saw them pull that crap, I'd be giving that poor cleaning woman my number too.

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