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That's why all the Home Depots near me have the lids bolted or otherwise held shut...


I really hope he kept his underwear up. And I really hope it's posed. The little crotch fruit is old enough to know better.


I think it's posed. Poor kid looks mortified to be there.

Sabriel Jones

ok so my question is this why would you take a picture of this and put it out on the web to embarrass the poor kid?

I can only imagine the amount of teasing he's going to get if one of his classmates discover this photo.


WHY would you do that to your kid?? Parents should require a license to breed!


The parents should be summarily hung and the kid given to a decent parent or parents to raise correctly.


When I was younger (like 4 or so) and also went trough one of those Home Depot like stores I told my mom that I had to go, they ignored me so I appearantly ran off to the toilet section and did a number 2 in one of the toilets and told my parents I went.

My parents got really redfaces but cleaned it up with some help of the one of the employees.. who actually thought it was kinda funny that I liked the toilet so much xD


I can see this happening with a really young kid, but I also hope this is staged because...ew!

Oh, Sabriel Jones, you'd be surprised how thoughtless some parents are with what they put on FB or Twitter about their kids. Look at the STFU Parents blog some time.
The worst one I saw was someone who posted a picture of their baby from an, ahem, interesting angle with a caption that basically said, "Hey guys, look how big my son's balls are!"
I wish I was kidding.


Yeah, IKEA has a film in all of their toilets (because you know they do the whole fake apartment set up) that says please don't actually use these toilets. But better than the way I paraphrased it here.

Kiliana Nightwolf

This was on Reedit, it was the poster's cousin, or girlfriend's cousin I forget which.

Kiliana Nightwolf

*Reddit. damn autocorrect


Kiliana: did it say whether it was a set-up?

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