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I heard on E the day after this story appeared that Justin Beiber called Bill Clinton to apologize (apparently after his bucket piss, Justin sprayed cleaning fluid at a picture of Clinton on the wall and yelled "Fuck Bill Clinton!").
Clinton was gracious about the whole thing, but really I felt like Justin was missing the mark big time with that one!
I was a kid at the time, but an old enough one to remember the days of of the Lewinsky/impeachment scandal. That left little doubt that Clinton has a thick skin, so I think it's safe to say he probably didn't give a single fuck about some pop singer insulting a picture of him...if he even heard about it before Bieber's apology phonecall (If I were him I certainly wouldn't trouble myself with something that dumb!)

The fact that there was no mention of an apology to the people whose lives he actually impacted, the workers at the club who had to clean up the bucket he pissed in, leads me to believe one of two things...
1. Justin saw that there wasn't much opportunity to advance himself in apologizing to food service workers. Apologizing personally to a former president, though, gives him the opportunity to flaunt his status as a VIP while looking like he's being humble. Also it apparently afforded him a networking opportunity since during their conversation Justin mentioned that he'd like to help with the Clinton Global Initiative.

2. The (marginally) better possibility that apologizing to Clinton and not the club employees wasn't a calculated move on his part, but that they simply weren't on his radar. It never occurred to him because he never even thought about the fact that he'd disrespected their property and forced them into the extremely degrading task of cleaning up his piss!

Pick which one you prefer, but either way I'm totally with the janitors' union on this one!


This punk kid needs to be punched in the face. Seriously every guy at some point needs to be punched in the face, really fucking hard. It teaches us humility and that there is always someone bigger and meaner than you. It's one of those necessary steps to becoming a man.

The Vacationing NC Tony

The punching Justin Beiber in the face line forms behind me!

The Last Archimedean

Fuck that noise, NCT. "Retire" the scumbag with a bazooka.


I volunteer to "Bobbit" the guy so it never happens again. Then he can pee like a girl and do it more awkwardly.

Trucker Bitch

If Justin(e) ever met Ol' Bill, he'd probably show up in coveralls just like when he met Steve Harper.

Trucker Bitch

Err... That should be Steven Harper. Sad that I can't remember to spell the Prime Minister's name right.


So when is this flash in the pan going to be done? I thought his 15 minutes were up a while ago.


I heard about the Clinton thing on the radio and the radio hosts were like "LOL DOES HE EVEN KNOW WHO BILL CLINTON IS?" And I'm like... >_> Yes he knows who Bill Clinton is. Canadians know a lot more shit about the US than Americans know about them. And either way you look at it, that's probably a little sad.


I'd like to break a mop off up his ass. And I also agree with Humor_Me, take care of his problem so he can't do it again.

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