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The Singing Library Clerk

Some of those must be from Disney World or EuroDisney. Because there's no ticket booth nor bride on a staircase in the HM at Disneyland.


I was thinking that, too. Pretty sweet, though!


I don't know why but the photo of the dancers is the most creepiest to me (sixth photo down). Maybe it has something to do with her longing look and near perfect human face. The other "people" are too comical to be scary, but little Miss Redhead makes me a little too uncomfortable.

p.s. though I am loving the style of the orange dress to her left.

Spont Combust

These photos are from Phantom Manor is Disneyland Paris, which has a western theme.

I love these photos though!


Just because they aren't real ghosts doesn't mean that they can't be taken over by a ghost.

Or living plastic. :/


When I lived in IN, we would go to King's Island in Ohio almost every summer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kings_Island One summer I specifically asked about meeting the guy who painted the carousel horses because they featured him in a special about the park. We got to go to the barn where they had the "extra" carousel horses that were repainted and repaired every year and where all the signs were painted and where all the other things were painted. IT.WAS.AWESOME! The guy who painted that stuff used to work at Coney Island and was *really* nice! We actually exchanged Christmas cards for a few years before I lost his address.


That is awesome. I always loved the Haunted Mansion.


The scariest part for me was always the skin-and-bones puppy. I hated that part! D:

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