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Who's going to have the balls to ask every single custy if they have the trots?


I would hope people with Diarrhea would stay out of the pool on their own. But I feel like the sign is up because someone didn't.


I wish I could bring up the picture from the pool complex where I used to live. This is nothing. I actually took the picture because someone yelled at me for my SD being in there, and it specifically stated that SD's had the right to be there, just not pets. I saw kids in regular diapers all.the.time. and it specifically stated that no children were to be in the pool unless they wore plastic pants or swim diapers. They also weren't supposed to be in the hot tub. Especially babies because they couldn't regulate their body temperature well enough. I saw parents break this rule constantly. I also heard people jumping the fence and having sex in the pool and hot tub late at night. I refused to swim in there, tried to get transferred to another apartment away from the pool, and when they wouldn't couldn't get out of there fast enough.


@Humor_Me That's when you pick up an unregistered burner phone and call the cops to report an assault in the pool are every time. Just make sure to never give your name or address.


Odds are the sign's up because someone infected the pool at least once before. It's the 14 days after thing that most people tend to disregard.


Actually, displaying that sign is now law in California.



Yeah...no. People are absolutely disgusting with what they'll do in pools.
Ever hear of an e.coli outbreak originating at a pool or water park? This is how that happens.

NC Tony

Like anyone's going to admit to that. "Who me? No, I've never had diarrhea at all. Ever. In my life."


I know I'm late to the party, but isn't this a fairly common sign? At least here, this is one of the required posted rules as per the health code. No one is *asking* about said runs ... but it's posted.

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