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Trucker Bitch

Isn't that why you plan ahead and buy your booze before the holiday? Oh, right. I forgot we are talking about custies with whom logic is a unknown concept.

Happy Fourth to all the American RHUers out there.


Apparently this is true in several states, including Indiana, due to Blue Laws. I'm somewhat surprised this isn't the case in my state, which also has pretty serious Blue Laws - but thankfully I live 5 minutes from a county that's exempt (the perks of living in the metropolitan area of our state capital).

The Singing Library Clerk

Considering how many people use holidays as an excuse to get sloppy drunk and drunk people and fire do NOT mix - I think it's sensible. It'll keep them sober so they don't end up sticking a roman candle up their butt.

The Last Archimedean

Let all the stupid people get drunk and blow themselves up. Natural selection at work.


Alcohol sales are legal on July 4th in Indiana. Just not Sundays. Because religion.


I believe this is Tennessee. Fuck 'em all!


If you get drunk and shove a roman candle up your ass, then light it off, you deserve everything that's coming to you.


So wait is this part of blue laws or is it just because the liquor stores are closed because it's a holiday?
I've heard of not being able to buy booze on Sunday (thanks to religious oppression!) but what does not buying on the 4th of July have to do with religion?


I'm willing to bet that somewhere they've outlawed booze on the 4th of July due to religion. Here you're allowed to sell booze on Sundays but only after a certain time of day - because THAT is a totally sensible law that actually accomplishes something.

Btw, did nobody else notice they misspelled independence? "Indepedence"
I got my eagle eyes on. *patriotic pose*


Because our forefathers escaped from religious persecution so people could bend their concepts to perpetrate religious persecution on others by forcing their religion into the laws and schools.

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