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Why, why, why are people SO short-sighted? People like that never understand that there is an end-goal to all this.


When I worked at Macy's, we were told the price adjustment policy was not for employees, and if you did it more than ten times, you were automatically fired. I did it once, got a warning from LP, and never did it again. My friend did it all the time and when they fired her, she couldn't believe it.


Daaaaamn that's really messed up! I do have to say that I mentally high-fived you when I realized I wasn't the only one who says "buttfuck o'clock in the morning." Props for that.

Supplement Zombie

Similar thing happened to me once when LP targeted three of my coworkers and fired two on the spot for supposedly stealing. Still don't believe they were actually stealing anything in this case, and it left us incredibly short-staffed. UGGGHHH retail

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