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"Picking up slack" is one thing, 'doing everything for the entire department while people show up three hours late and then don't do anything' is another. As I'm sure everyone will mention in a moment, document everything and see if the higher ups will help.


Doesn't matter how good of a worker you are, or if you are part of management. You should not be expected to do the work of an entire department all by yourself.

Jr Manager

As stated before working a whole department by yourself is too much for any person. At my store if someone was stuck like you the store manager would talk to all department managers then find you some help. Document everything and if it keeps happening move up the ladder and talk to the assistant, store, and even district managers if need be.


I know it sucks ass but until people get paid a reasonable wage no one is going to take entry level jobs with any real sincerity. However your co-manager should be helping out or something.


Labour Laws. Look in to them. That shit wouldn't fly here in Ontario. At my store the dept would go EMPTY before people were made to stay without sufficient breaks, etc. Make sure you know your local laws inside and out.

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