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OMG, that first number three! I can't stand it when people act as though they're better than retail slaves. Bitch, all you know is that I work here, and you don't. What you don't know (or realize) is that in this economy, quite a few people are being forced to work jobs that they are vastly over-qualified for, just to make ends meet. A lot of good jobs have disappeared, and low-wage retail and food service jobs have popped up in their place. RAWR RAWR RAWR.

About the meal break: I'm pretty sure you have to have that 30 minutes uninterrupted, but I could be wrong on the federal level. All I know is that every place where I've ever worked, the time clock locks you out for 30 minutes when you clock out for lunch.


Your best bet would be to use a search engine and find your state/ commonwealth's Dept of Labor site and start there. Federal laws are murkier and many corporations - esp smaller, non-nationwide companies - worry first and foremost about state/ commonwealth and local municipal labor laws (ones they may actually be more likely to get busted for). Also, a few weeks back (not sure when) we had a bit of a comment debate about what constituted Fed Labor law regarding break so I won't speculate and get chaffed again.


I have to admit I'd be pretty irritated to come inside and pay only to be told you can't take my card when there aren't any signs posted. I realize that it's not your fault, but it is really annoying. Why the hell would you not be allowed to post a sign telling people what you do and do not accept as payment?


Um, AFAIK, there aren't really many laws Federally. States control most of that. Since Fed law doesn't mandate ANY breaks, I'm not sure they would mandate how long it has to be but its possible. Our state mandates NONE past 18th birthdays. Ugh!


In my state, breaks are mandated unless you work certain jobs where someone is placed alone, and the business is 24/7. I think it also affects emergency personnel and related. So, in a business like 7-11, or other convenience stores, if you are alone, you don't necessarily get a break. But, in other, more standard businesses, that have enough personnel, you are required to have a 30 minute uninterrupted break if you work over 6 hours, I believe. And you are given a 15 minute paid break if you work 4 hours. Oh, and lunch doesn't have to be paid, but I think it does have to be paid if you work over 13 hours at a time. Not sure about that bit.


I'm not sure about the break thing...when i worked at a gas station it wasn't prepay only (which sucked) and i wasn't allowed to leave the register to eat or anything. I had to stay there I had no mandated "break" and I was the only one working. :/ good luck!


If you are union and under contract then that takes precedents regardless of state or federal laws regarding meal breaks. If it violates the contract let your union rep know. However in any other situation it definitely depends on your states labor laws. Either way it is ridiculous and should not be legal. If they can't afford to be closed so you can eat and relieve yourself they can afford to hire someone to work with you or cover that break.


I cannot speak for unionized work, having never worked union before. But it is my understanding that the Federal requirement for a 30 minute lunch can be waived in such circumstances where providing or following with that lunch break would put a financial burden on the employer. But they can't require you to clock out and must allow you to eat/drink at your work station. Take this concern to your state work board and/or union leaders.

Regarding "Do" point #1. I dislike this. Many times I want to purchase gas alongside several snack items, all in a single transaction. Additionally, I prefer to literally fill my tank not get closest approximation. I feel that all gas stations SHOULD have an option to open the pump under certain circumstances- for example make me leave my keys and ID or credit card. That I'm perfectly content with.

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