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The Last Archimedean

While it's unfortunate that the woman died, that happens very rarely. I'm sorry for her family.

But seeing a story like this isn't going to stop me from riding roller coasters. Sure, there's a chance I could fall out and die. But there's also a chance I could get hit by a car every time I step out my door to walk a block to the store. I don't let that stop me from doing it.

As for the idiots who were complaining about the noise, that complaint should have been tossed by a judge. You're next to a damn amusement park. People will be shrieking. You don't like it, find another property that's somewhere else. I'm upset Great America had to agree to a settlement, because that's just dumb.


The paragraph about how tall it is and it's renovation is repeated twice. Just pointing it out cause it made me do a double take

(in need of a new name)

I used to go to that particular Six Flags every summer as a kid. I was too chicken to go on the roller coasters though. So sad about the young woman who died.

Former Grocery Slave

As far as the one having to be shut down for being too loud, that's not really the fault of the park, that's the fault of custies that believe roller coaster = I need to scream at the top of my lungs the entire ride. You're not having THAT much fun and it's not THAT scary. A shriek or a "Woo-hoo!!!" every now and again is reasonable, NOT screaming bloody murder the entire ride!


I've seen photos of the woman who died, and I strongly suspect this is a case of a custy paying dearly for screaming until she gets her way.

The woman was way too large for an average restraint system; she should not have been allowed to ride. Dollars to donuts she made a scene about discrimination and the attendants were told to let her ride after the initial click was forced.

I know it sucks to be told you can't do something because of a physical incompatibility; I have a friend (smaller than this woman) who is too large for most coasters. The difference? On realizing she'd gotten too large, she thanked the attendant for trying and got off the ride.


My husband is currently in the hospital after having RNY gastric bypass surgery to help him lose weight.

Our experiences at amusement parks were a factor (not a key one, but one he considered) in his decision. As 27 years old, we'd go and there are very few rides that are comfortable enough to ride, and that he feels safe restrained in.

Hubs has had the mortifying experience of getting on a ride, and the restraints don't fit, or he feels how tight they are and makes the hard decision to flag the attendant, get off the ride, and do the walk of shame (because apparently only us fat people are PC to make fun of and discriminate against now). He does is for his own physical comfort, as well as for his and other riders safety. What many people don't understand is that not only are there ratings for the belt on an individual rider, there are limits much like on an elevator.

What I'm getting at, is there is some personal responsibility questions here.

Sad this woman died, and just as sad is that she knew her body and its limits, and instead of sitting that one out, she made her way on (bullying it or not) and paid for it with her life.

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