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Restrooms are your safest bet and it sounds like in your case, your first line of defense. My other thought would be, if you have one and depending on its size, would be the cash office. But only if your safe is bolted to the floor, don't want that flying around and hurting people. Typically, you want to all be in the same place, but if there's not enough space and the custies can be in the restrooms with one associate, and the rest of the associates in the cash office, that may be a good option.

The hubby and I live in MN, and just 2 weeks ago tornadoes ripped through the town we work in. Spent hours in the restrooms there for our safety.

Be safe!

ps, you can also contact your local emergency services and have them conduct an audit of your emergency procedures, typically. Perhaps the management/ owners might be persuaded to do that.


I live in the same area and before I moved, a tornado ripped up the house next door to ours (it was for sale and the owners had already moved out, so no one was hurt). The tornados don't tend to actually hit anything, so it doesn't really click with anyone.

Damn Yankee

Bathrooms are good unless they have an outside wall. We had walk-in coolers that we use as well, but it sounds like your store isn't food service.

Trucker Bitch

My mom and I had been talking about tornados a couple of months ago (shortly after a spat of bad ones down in the US. I had to explain to her that that that one video od the people taking shelter under an overpass was actually the worst thing to do.

This makes me wonder what sort of safety precautions my parents have their restaurant if an earthquake hits. I know one of the first things would be, after evacuating the customers, to get the gas line to the grill shut off.


When they had the tornado near us when I was working at the dysfunctional pet store, we were pretty much in a square building with glass on three sides in the front. Lots of large bags of dog food, heavy shelves, glass fish tanks, and projectiles to damage custies. I wanted custies as far away from the front as possible so I cleaned out the restroom, threw a bunch of dog beds in there and escorted them in there. We then made sure it was safe before letting them loose into the store again.

Miss Red

I grew up in tornado country, and I had the process drilled into my head.
Safest - basement/underground
Next safest - interior room (or walk-in cooler), in a doorway, if outside, in a ditch
Avoid - windows, walls to the outside.

In a store as an employee/manager-
Lock store doors, try not to let anyone leave. Escort people to a safe area. Thoroughly comb store for stray people wandering about. Try to locate a flashlight and a battery-powered radio (or know where they are ahead of time). Stay calm, listen to the radio for updates.


I'd say hang onto the toilet.


My stores Policy is to walk everyone to a store across the street. Granted we are not very likely to have any tornado's in this area but still, its kinda terrifying to think that in case of a tornado go outside. If it did happen I'd probably beg my manager to let us take everyone to restrooms instead as they do not share an outside wall.

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