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At one of the convenience stores I worked in, one of the supa-cheep smokes brands (To tell you how long ago this was, people were bitching and threatening that cigarettes were TWO DOLLARS!, and these were sub-one) was giving away lighters that looked like spark plugs.

They were meant to be refillable, but I don't think any of them ever had the chance. I snarfed a few because they were kind of cool, even though I didn't smoke, but almost all of them exploded (mechanically, as in disassembled itself with enthusiasm but without fire) in my hand the first time I tried to use it, and none of the others lasted past the third use.

Gave the discount smokers something else to bitch about instead of claiming their cigarettes were cheaper at the other store (then why are you here?) and they were going to quit if they went up another quarter (HOW long have you been saying that? And at 5$ each now I bet you're STILL saying it...), about how cheap the lighters were and they wanted their money back.

"For the FREE promotional item that didn't cost you anything, you want a refund?" "Yes!" "Ok, here you go. (stands still)."

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