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if someone asked me to watch their dogs while I was working, I'd be like HELL NO. My managers wouldn't let me anyway. Thats not what I'm paid to do. she could have just tied them up outside. thats what every other irresponsible pet owner does.


People like that bitch need to be told no and it needs to be enforced, or they will never change.

Book Baby

No, responsible owners leave their dogs AT HOME on hot days.

The Last Archimedean

That's where the manager has to come out and say, "Ma'am, you can either leave the dogs outside, or you can leave the store." If the manager had a brain and a spine he'd have told the whiny, entiled bitch to go back home, put her dogs there and return.


Book Baby: cashierbitch said "irresponsible" pet owner. And yes, that's exactly what they do. With no boots for hot feet, and no water.

RESPONSIBLE pet owners would do what Book Baby said. LEAVE THEIR DOGS AT HOME! (unless they have made special preparations for them)

As a Service Dog handler, I can tell you from experience that dragging around a dog, day in and day out is not as fun as it looks. You do have to have special boots to combat the heat (or cold and snow), extra water, and in some cases, a very expensive cooling coat. All that stuff can run into pretty decent money on a limited income. FAKING a Service Dog is illegal and can net you up to a $50,000 fine and up to and including losing future Social Security benefits.

Trucker Bitch

Either leave them at home or at a trusted doggie daycare.


Priority number one when I got my puppy was have him learn to be alone. At least we got that down. I honestly wouldn't want to haul a dog around all day. I don't even like having to haul them around the pet store where they're allowed. You have to keep an eye on them and do your shopping and I am not the best at multi-tasking. You really would have to have service dog levels of training to make that tolerable for me.


On the bright side at least she knew enough to not leave them in the car.


Why would you try and drag around that many childrena nd two dogs? That would make it damn near impossible to get anything done.

Bored at the Bookstore

Oh, poor retail slave/dog sitter. Had they tried that on me, I'd've at least been able to say, "Not unless I can apply for Workmen's Comp right after... I am allergic to dogs and WILL be off work for the foreseeable future with an asthma attack."

And poor doggies - deserve a better mistress than they have!


That was wrong of the store to make an employee do that; what if something had happened to the dogs, or the custy CLAIMED that the employee had hurt the dogs in some way and held the store liable? Gads.

Hellbound Alleee

Although I think that woman was an entitled waste of space who never should have procreated, I would have [secretly] been happy to be able to watch dogs for a few minutes rather than do my mind-numbingly boring retail crap.


Ooh, fuck that bitch. Fuck her right in the ear with something hard and sandpaper-y. Dog can't come into the store, dog can't be left in the car on a hot day. What's the only option left? LEAVE. YOUR. DOGS. AT HOME.


I was working with a co-worker that couldn't understand why pets (not talking service animals) weren't allowed in stores, and just couldn't wrap her head around something as simple as some people might be allergic to your pet. Or your pet might cause damage to the store because if you're an irresponsible pet owner your animal isn't was well trained as you think it is.

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