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I'm glad people are starting to take a stand on stuff like this. It's very heartening to see.

Sales Agent Guy

What a wimp for a boss!


This happens where I work too, thankfully no one is hospitalized yet but both me and my brother have gotten woozy at times. We have the AC cranked but our toaster, the ovens, all the coffee makers, and the panini press just make it useless. Our manager is nice enough to extend our one coffee per shift to include a small frozen drink but all of us are still grabbing for water and turning off the toaster (pretending it's broken so crusties don't demand their bagels be toasted)

Fast food joints need more than just the AC during the hot weather, like fans and water, heck even being able to wear shorts would make it more bearable.

Trucker Bitch

At my parent's restaurant, summers were always hellish in the kitchen because of the 400 degree grill everything was cooked on. not to mention the soupwarmer used for hollandaise, the toaster, the microwave, and the dishwasher in the back. There was no way the a/c could handle keeping the kitchen cool against all that. And this is in a part of Canada that doesn't usually get the high temps that other places get.

To help the employees, my parents allowed for plenty of 5 min breaks away from the grill and all the water and ice a person could drink. Everyone would have a 1L caraf to drink from (and refil at need) for their entire shift. Also, they would allow kitchen staff to wear shorts during the summer as long as they weren't booty shorts.

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