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Ugh. My and my buddies see that all the time when we go to Toys R Us.

We use to collect the MLP figurines. The figurines were each placed in a plastic bag along with a trading card that had a picture and a brief bio over each pony. These are known as "blind bags", since you're supposed to pick a random one and enjoy the pony inside. Now there are ways to find out which bag contains which pony, and all it takes is just a high tech phone that can connect online.

Sadly though, there have been a few other people who decide NOT to do our little trick and instead rip the bags open and steal the contents inside, leaving trash. This was because some of the figurine models were the "Princes" models (Celestia, Luna, and Cadance) and these piggies just HAD to get them.

And sadly there was not much the store can do. The culprits were long gone and everything. all we could do was simply show them the wrappers o have them tossed.

Fucking piggies.


You'd think the princesses would be the easiest to find without having to open the bags, being larger. Unless they're not, in which case ignore this.

I want one of the Fluttershy monitor hangers. :P


LadyPhoenix: Oh my god, yes, this pissed me off so badly! I remember the first time I saw it I shook my head and said to myself, "Really? This is very un-Brony-like." I still never managed to get my hands on those princesses. My Walmart is absolute shit at stocking MLP stuff.

Techtyger: The princess figures were differently shaped but about the same size. It's actually a lot harder than you'd think trying to buy them "blind" by just the way they feel. You would think pegasi would feel different because of the wings and unicorns would feel different because of the horns, but nope. Can't tell you how many times I picked up a pony expecting it to be a Wonderbolt (seriously, huge spiky hair and wings, come on) and it was a background pony I didn't care about. The easiest way to find out which toy is in which bag is to go by the codes on the backs of the bags. A complete list is here: http://mylittlewiki.org/wiki/G4_Blind_Bag_Ponies

Also Fluttershy looks more like Scootaloo, especially in the neon variant packs. http://mylittlewiki.org/wiki/File:Wave8ComparisonFluttershy.jpg

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