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Not Perfect

Wish I could say I was surprised by this. At the very least, I was surprised by their honesty.

The Last Archimedean

I say we pass a federal law saying all big-box retailers in the US have to pay a minimum wage of $12.50 and give all their workers at least 30 hours per week. What's Wal-Mart gonna do, close all their stores in the whole country? Don't think so.


I'm glad DC didn't back down. I mean, really, they don't need Wal-Mart in DC. It's not a job-creator, it's a parasite.


Walmart says it pays it's full-time employes $12.78 per hour...how many full-time associates do they really have? If you exclude the people who work in their RSC's and management, I bet the number would surprise you.


@TLA I agree somewhat, but not every part time worker can do 30 hours a week.

Sabriel Jones

Wait a minute they paid their full time associate $12.78 an hour! That must be for the managers and higher up only because when I was working there FULL TIME I made $10.40 per hour.


Hmm. If they pay their workers $12.78 on average already, then how can they possibly claim that anyone who thinks paying everyone a minimum of $12.50 won't affect prices much has a 'limited understanding of how a business operates'? Both claims cannot be true and accurate at the same time.

Soft Ice Girl

I am disgusted and SO GLAD that they are not in Germany.


Or you know sometimes a business doesn't make as much profit as it did the year before, cause you know CONSTANT GROWTH ISN'T FUCKING POSSIBLE EVER UNDER ANDY REAL LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES. That's just what science says no need to pay any attention.

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