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I think if she was 18, nobody would have said a word. I think they are being highly ageist and she looks pretty hot for her age. They need to stuff it and get their heads out of their asses. I've seen skinny women that looked like burnt leather and nobody kicks them out for looking like overcooked hot dogs.

The Last Archimedean

The City of Independence is praying this doesn't go any farther, because they know they're in the wrong. She should not have been asked to leave. It's a WATER PARK, people are going to wear swimwear, which she was doing.

The "manager" needs to have his brain replaced with one that works.

Oh, and she looks very attractive, regardless of her age.


I don't see a problem with her wearing a bikini. Perhaps the manager needs some new glasses?


A waterpark near me really doesn't want women wearing bikinis. Like at all. Apparently bikinis and waterslides don't go together very well.

That doesn't sound like the situation here though.


From what they show in the video (ie the front) I can't see what the management could have an issue with, however since they asked her to wear shorts I'm assuming the backside might have been too revealing?


unless what she is wearing is a thong, then the park is wrong (hey that rhymes!). she looks great for her age, I bet the little sorosluts were jelous. if they don't want people wearing a bikini then they need to make that a blanket rule, otherwise they have no standing,

The Last Archimedean

Vantalbar, if they had told ALL the women wearing bikinis to put something else on that would be fine. If you put up a sign at the entrance that no women wearing bikinis are allowed on the waterslides, that's cool. But you can't single out just one woman like they did.

Hellbound Alleee

of come on you guys. She was a crusty, because I'm sure she was showing beaver.

NC Tony

I gotta agree with Humor Me on this one. If she had been some trampy little tween wearing a barely-there bikini no one would have said a word, but because she's a grown woman who's not afraid to show off her newly slimmed down body there's a problem. I hope she does file charges against the park for discrimination.


As odd as this sounds I hope her vagina was showing.


They never showed the back of her in the report. I'm curious as to how the back was cut. So...

If the back were cut normal, then what happened is BS.
If the back is cut high or is ass floss, the park is justified in asking her to cover up as long as there isn't any other bare asses hanging out too.


xoxo: They would have to make that policy across the board. Otherwise it's ageist. I haven't been comfortable in a bikini since I was 8, but that's just me. One too many belly flops and resulting tummy-burns. I'm a chicken that way. If you can rock it at her age, go for it.


It's simple: if you are claiming to be a full figured woman... SHOP LIKE ONE! Wear something that fits you! I am sure anyone with their ass and/or pubes hanging out, regardless of age or size would be asked to gtfo. Her top doesn't even fit her or offer her nearly enough support.

They should have a posted policy on coverage though so that people can't make an arguement, but nonetheless.


Fuck it as far as I'm concerned people should be allowed to go naked if they want. Besides her bathing suit is hardly that revealing. This is just people with weird hang-ups trying to force their issues on other people.

Su Chan

Google it up, what she's wearing is nothing surprising or shocking. It's a bikini. Which she happens to rock, btw.

Nicole Scars

This is crazy! I have been to this water park!

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