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The Last Archimedean

Who owns this bar? James Butler Hickok?


Pretty sure its illegal to drink and possess a firearm in 99% of the country.


how do we know this is at a bar?


Yeah it's clearly a preschool.


I don't know what country you are in Moniker, but in the USA (where the sign is almost certainly from) you will find that that isn't true. At most a few major cities, but that is it.


it could be at a restaurant, maybe a sporting goods store, countless places. one picture of a sign on a wall does not mean that this is at a bar.


@Moniker nope not in most places in the US, especially if you are on private property. Now that won't stop the police from taking someone's gun or shooting someone on dummied up charges.


My God, Americans are idiots!

*this is coming from an American

Although...who said this is a place that serves alcohol? We don't even know it's a restaurant, it could be any sort of business.

The Singing Library Clerk

This could be at a shooting range, a store that sells guns and ammo, a person's private residence, an old mining town that's now more of a tourist spot like Virginia City, NV, etc. Doesn't have to be a bar.

NC Tony

You mean it's not the employee's entrance to the customer service desk? Darn, I was gonna apply for a job there.

Book Baby

Arizona used to have open carry (not sure if this is still true). It may have been there.

Not Perfect

Most places have walls made of plaster, people only use that kind of wood when they're going for a rustic look. So it's most likely a bar or a restaurant, or it could be a small independently owned store.


AZ still has open carry. I believe TX still does too.


A lot of states have open carry. That isn't really the point though. Just because this is legal, doesn't mean I have to approve of the sentiment behind this sign.
Unless this is a place where you might legitimately need a gun, such as a shooting range, I'm really not comfortable with everyone toting their heat around to dinner and a movie.
Sorry, no offense to anyone, but I'm not willing to just trust that some random stranger is a responsible gun owner or is able/willing to practice judicious marksmanship.
I'd bet that this is a common sentiment even among people who would/do carry guns around like this. They know they're responsible gun owners, but if they see someone else doing the same who is say maybe of a different race, or a different age, or someone they just don't like the look of...they probably would not automatically assume that person was a responsible gun owner like they are but a potential criminal.
I'm not against gun ownership, but encouraging people to carry guns around with them all the time is asking for trouble.


If you can't hit a target or you have a history of violence, you shouldn't be able to own a gun, period.

On the other hand, if you pass a course and can demonstrate you are a responsible citizen, I'm cool with it. In fact, considering how crazy everyone is right now, from the government on down, it's probably best if you know as many ways to protect yourself as possible.

The sad thing is, any old person can buy a gun these days. However most counties still have a sensible law that you can't get a concealed carry permit until you pass a gun safety course.

Old West Guns

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