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The Last Archimedean

Too bad you didn't get her name and call CPS on her. That's insanely irresponsible on her part. When I'm outdoors with either of my boys, I hold their hands at all times unless we're in a completely fenced-in playground.

Sabriel Jones

OMG! Thank GoD you came just in time one second late and this would of probably be on the news. That bitch should be grateful that you save HER son!

Hopefully she learns a lessons from this


Oh man! Just recently I was venting about the difficulty of trying to have a phone conversation when my 19mo is awake because *le gasp* I have to pay attention to what he's doing running around while trying to carry on a conversation (which OBVIOUSLY) doesn't work too well. This woman is DEFINITELY lucky that you didn't call CPS on her like TLA said. And her child is doubly lucky that you were there, as well.


she's lucky you didn't throw her into traffic. its what I would have done...


You have more self control than I do just smashing her phone.


You're probably going to be real fucking lucky if you don't get sued over the cell phone.

Good on you for saving the boy. You're a fucking douche for destroying someone else's property.

Next time, really rid her of her problems! Torch her car, then she can't even *get* a new cell phone! You should have beat her to a bloody pulp. Teach both her and her kid how to properly deal with problems - property destruction and violence. It's the solution to everything. No, don't step inside and call authorities. Proper channels are for pussies.

I really hope you're just exaggerating for effect, otherwise the only thing that woman is going to remember is the cunt that broke her phone, not how close she came to killing her kid.

The Singing Library Clerk

I hope you did destroy her phone. She deserved it. And you have a ton of witnesses to back you up.

You should've called the cops though and reported her. And told her "Do everyone a favor, put your kid up for adoption and get a hysterectomy!"

NC Tony

It doesn't matter if your kids are biologically yours or not. They're still your kids, and your responsibility. If you. I have a friend who's two daughters were the products of in vitro fertilisation. It cost her about $12,000 per kid, so she's especially vigilant when she's out with them. Firstly because they're her babies, secondly because it cost her over $20,000 just to have them.

While I don't think you should have smashed this dumbasses phone (I think just knocking it out of her hands would have made your point), it's obvious she needed a wake up call. Because the next person who takes her kid might not be a concerned bystander, but an actual kidnapper.


while I may not have smashed her phone, although, I gotta say you sure have some cajones, I probably would have called the cops and CPS on her.

also I can garun-damn-tee you that if her kid HAD been hit by a car, she would have sued the cell phone, the gas station and probably the driver for "not paying attention" to her kid for her.

I dont know how many times I have seen people in parking lots walking along yapping on their cell phone with their small child just toddling along behind them by about 20 feet, and not even paying attention.


Kay, I don't give a fuck what happened. You do not lay hands on another person, that's assault. And you do NOT destroy someone else's personal property.

Yes, she was an idiot and a shitty parent, but I hope she takes your plates down and sues your ass for that phone in small claims court. I would.


Good for you for saving that child

Shame on you for you behavior with her cell phone-she may be irresponsible and a bad parent but that does not give you an excuse to distroy her property. That was def out of line.

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