Retail Hell Underground: Bank of America Intern Dies In London After Being Overworked

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What were his hours and what does the autopsy say? I don't care for companies that abuse their employees but shouldn't we wait for some proof?



Internships at major financial institutions like that are often referred to as 'Financial Bootcamp,' and, from what I understand, have similar hours to real bootcamp.

I would also be interested to know how he really died as well. I'm not sure it's possible to really be overworked to death, but the stress of sleep deprivation could easily contribute to other causes of death.


If this guy was popping pep pills (say that three times fast) to keep himself going during the day, and then taking sleeping medication to get to sleep at night, he could have stopped his own heart. Not the banks fault, but there have been interns that have died or been hospitalized because of this.

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